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Dominican in a sentence

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Sentence count:48Posted:2017-08-28Updated:2017-08-28
Similar words: dominionanno dominicondominiumminicabdominodominantdominatedominoesMeaning: [də'mɪnɪkən] n. a Roman Catholic friar wearing the black mantle of the Dominican order. adj. 1. of or relating to or characteristic of the Dominican Republic or its people 2. of or relating to Saint Dominic or the Dominican order. random good picture
(1) Following a series of provisional governments, the Dominican people elected Juan Bosch as their President.
(2) Gabriel lives in the Dominican Republic.
(3) The Dominican order was sanctioned by Pope Honorius III.
(4) The results show that the ambers from Dominican Republic are of the more colours and much cleaner in the interior.
(5) President Abni arrived in Dominican Republic today.
(6) The President of Dominican Republic paid a visit to Taiwan recently.
(7) Coral stands the Dominican Republic's Silver Bank , where the Spanish galleon Concepci ? ? n sank in 1641.
(8) More on Creole Identities. Haiti vs. the Dominican Republic.
(9) The Philippine Peso, Dominican Republic Peso, East Caribbean Dollar and Indonesian Rupiah have all been introduced for the first time on
(10) On Sunday, winless Germany and the Dominican Republic face off in the soccer match.
(11) Even before his time, the Franciscan and the Dominican currents had set out in divergent directions.
(12) We're putting gasification online at our Dominican Republic plant.
(13) American naval commanders were running the government of the Dominican Republic and Haiti.
(14) That is to say, the first family of Florence, and lived to see them deposed by a Dominican friar by the name of Savonarola.
(15) However, there isn’t one single Spanglish but different types: Chicano, Cuban, Puerto Rican, Dominican, etc. Its usage varies from one place to another and from generation to generation.
(16) Open format cross country competition for pilots of various levels, held in the Dominican Republic.
(17) The latest arrivals to Puerto Rico have come from the economically depressed Dominican Republic.
(18) The first testing ground of the new policy was the Dominican Republic.
(19) So we need to start work on an emergency supply chain, either from Santo Domingo, in the Dominican Republic, or from Miami.
(20) Dean is about 175 miles south of Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic[], moving to the west-northwest at about 17 miles an hour.
(21) It is remarkable that the wreck has remained undiscovered all these years given its location, just 70 feet off the coast of Catalina Island in the Dominican Republic in less than 10 feet of seawater.
(22) Last year, I drove across the island of Hispaniola, and it was surreal: You traverse what in places is a Haitian moonscape until you reach the border with the Dominican Republic — and jungle.
(23) Spanish-born priest who preached against the Albigensian heresy and founded the Dominican order of friars (2').
(24) The wreckage of a pirate ship abandoned by Captain Kidd in the 17th century has been found by divers in shallow waters off the Dominican Republic, a research team claims.
(25) A banking crisis in 2003 saw the collapse of one of the country's largest banks and 100 percent depreciation in the Dominican peso.
(26) Along with air and sea deliveries, increasing amounts of aid are also being delivered by truck from the Dominican Republic, normally a six-hour drive from Santo Domingo to Port-au-Prince.
(27) In addition, she says an air bridge is being established with the Dominican Republic from Santo Domingo to Port-au-Prince .
(28) In desperation, many aid groups and media teams are choosing to hire drivers and travel overland to Port-au-Prince from the Dominican Republic.
(29) November 25 th was chosen to honor three sisters in the Dominican Republic.
(30) November 25 was chosen to honor three sisters in the Demenican ( Dominican ) Republic .
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