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Dominance in a sentence

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Similar words: dominantpredominantdominatedominationfinanceordinanceanno dominidomineeringMeaning: ['dɒmɪnəns] n. 1. superior development of one side of the body 2. the state that exists when one person or group has power over another 3. the organic phenomenon in which one of a pair of alleles present in a genotype is expressed in the phenotype and the other allele of the pair is not 4. the power or right to give orders or make decisions. random good picture
1. The firm soon achieved complete dominance in the marketplace.
2. It was to be even longer before their dominance over the party was eroded.
3. Music companies have profited from the dominance of CDs over vinyl records.
4. He asserted his dominance over the other party members.
5. The firm is determined to maintain dominance in the market.
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6. He felt emasculated by her dominance.
7. The dominance of the academic tradition is patently supported by the major vested interest groups within education and the broader society.
8. The same dominance of traditional companies was seen in the financial services sector.
9. In short, male dominance can be strongly suggested in pictorial representation without the patriarchal male being directly represented at all.
10. An ubiquitous feature of post-colonialism is the dominance of the state in the process of capital accumulation.
11. Parasites, for instance, affect dominance, at least in mice.
12. Therefore the dominance of the ruling class in the relations of production will be reflected in the superstructure.
13. One approach, close to Marxist accounts, detects the dominance of big business and owners of capital.
14. Keepers hope he will establish his dominance over them and the females will choose him.
15. The dominance hierarchies of primates are often more complex, overlapping networks, rather than the simple ladder of the hen hierarchy.
16. The Buffalo Sabres continued their dominance over the Boston Bruins with a 5-0 win.
17. The dominance of the dominant mode must be legitimated.
18. Given that these change over time, the dominance of the industry by a certain nationality of institutions may be transitory.
19. Ex - colonial countries began to challenge the cultural dominance of Europe.
20. By far the most important aspect of this uneven development was the undermining of the economic dominance of the United States.
21. Berkoff's customary disgust with the human race is here directed at male dominance and brutality.
22. But, as the Bullets demonstrated, a near-healthy Magic is hardly enough to assume dominance over run-of-the-mill opponents.
23. But, in time, even the colonial masters were overthrown in their cricketing dominance by mere colonials.
24. Except in the case of the stallion deliberately herding his mares, this is not a question of dominance or bullying.
25. The deal also faces regulatory scrutiny amid concerns about the increased dominance of a handful of companies controlling access to the internet.
26. Midlands men also believe that women want tenderness rather than dominance, and a man who treats women as equals.
27. That period over, there is a stage of continued high growth when the dominance of the new technology is generally accepted.
28. This astonishing diversity manifested itself in great complexity of relationships and in our lacking dominance almost everywhere.
29. For the Treasury this presented a golden opportunity to recover its traditional dominance which it had lost during the war.
30. The mid-fielders ruled the roost up to the interval, but after a scoreless first half the Antrim team showed great dominance.
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