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Dollar bill in a sentence

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Similar words: one dollar billfeel like a million dollarsdollarsand dollarhalf dollarcollarbonesilver dollarnew zealand dollarMeaning: n. a piece of paper money worth one dollar. 
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1. Would you exchange this one hundred dollar bill with five twenties? 100.
2. Can you break a twenty dollar bill?
3. He broke a dollar bill into change.
4. Does anyone have change for a five dollar bill?
5. She slipped me a dollar bill from her change purse.
6. He rolls up a dollar bill, and stares at it as if deliberately recalling something.
7. Once, he even found a twenty dollar bill.
8. He hands over one crisp dollar bill and 40,000 sucres in coins and stained notes.
9. Once, he even found a twenty dollar bill. Lost money.
10. Some people carry a ten dollar bill, to keep the potential mugger happy and stave off an angry attack.
11. He would slip a crisp hundred dollar bill into her Christmas envelope.
12. I got an autographed dollar bill and Viral Hepatitis I started bullying her.
13. A little boy came home with a five dollar bill and said he found it.
14. He was as crisp as a new dollar bill - as clean, sharp, firmly limned.
15. Is the dollar bill still legal tender?
16. Under the napkin was a one hundred dollar bill.
17. Four pieces of ten dollar bill and ten pieces of a dollar bill, please.
18. What about a five dollar bill?If you know these, maybe you know the pictures on a ten, twenty or even a fifty dollar bill.
19. Do you have change for a ten - dollar bill? I want five - dollar bills.
20. Could you change this five - dollar bill into five one - dollar bills?
21. Could you break this fifty dollar bill?
22. On American One Hundred Dollar Bill, there is a portrait of whelloch American statesman?
23. Two twenty dollar bills and one ten dollar bill.
24. A five - dollar bill changes into five one - dollar bills.
25. Each player attempts to fool the others about the serial numbers printed on the face of his dollar bill.
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26. I got ten from one of my grandmas and then I got a fifty dollar bill from my other grandma.
27. In his presence Ransie Bilbro handed to his wife a five - dollar bill.
28. Then she says, "If each of you gentlemen will give me $10.00, I'll show you my thighs, " and men being what they are, they all pull out a ten dollar bill.
29. Across a vast continent a "westering" people established the novus ordo seclorum that is on every dollar bill.
30. You may be arrested for vagrancy if you do not have at least one dollar bill on your person.
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