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Distinct group in a sentence

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1 The party split into two distinct groups.
2 The results of the survey fell into two distinct groups.
3 At least three distinct groups want a share of the scarce resource.
4 They were classified into two distinct groups, those who gained entry through traditional methods and those who had not.
5 Even quite distinct groups share the same sorts of patterns.
6 During Spenser's time Ireland was inhabited by three distinct groups.
7 In the genus Echinodorus there are distinct groups of self-fertile and self-sterile species differing in the leaf petioles.
8 In terms of this initial time lapse,( two distinct groups can be identified.
9 The mods eventually split into two distinct groups.
10 A configuration or distinct group of steps in a dance.
11 Later, the chancellor peruse to distinct group of children from the book "Where the Wild Things Are."
12 There's a very distinct group of them and they're a very distinct size which is typical of this genus, Nephila, " Professor Selden explained.
13 The individuals belonged to a genetically distinct group of humans that were distantly related to Neanderthals but even more distantly related to us.
14 There is no distinct group of documents that you must present to the consular officer or set of circumstances that will guarantee visa issuances,( but the facts of your case must be convincing.
15 For both approaches, the fundamental feature of society is stratification-the unequal distribution of values across distinct groups.
16 Our results imply that one of the key features signifying the transition of a market from emerging to developed status is the appearance and consolidation of distinct group identities.
17 A strong value was placed on spending time together as a distinct group, particularly by parents.
18 Phylogenetic tree based on the whole genome showed that YNQD38 formed a distinct group.
19 "If we only study birds and mammals, we're only going to learn from those groups, " he said. "This is one more distinct group we need to learn about."
20 Blood testing has established that, compare with other draft breeds and based upon gene marker data, the Creams form a distinct group within the draft horses.
21 It is nonetheless important to recognize that while refugees and migrants might use the same means of transportation, sometimes illegal, refugees are a distinct group with critical protection needs.
22 We divided our customers into cohorts, looking at the new customers who joined each day as a distinct group.
23 They have something in common the idea of social status, life attitude, psychological states and social behavior as a distinct group with farmers or blue-collar workers one.
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