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Dissipation in a sentence

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Similar words: dissipateemancipationparticipationdissertationoccupationexculpationoccupationalpreoccupationMeaning: [‚dɪsɪ'peɪʃn] n. 1. breaking up and scattering by dispersion 2. dissolute indulgence in sensual pleasure 3. useless or profitless activity; using or expending or consuming thoughtlessly or carelessly. 
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1 Years of dissipation had ruined his health.
2 She was enervated from dissipation.
3 He abjured his religion/his life of dissipation.
4 From the destruction and the dissipation of energy, more complex forms came into being.
5 Hence the viscous dissipation is associated with high wavenumbers; i.e. it is brought about by small eddies.
6 Ill health removed the pleasures of dissipation for him,[] and there was nothing to assuage his guilt and regret.
7 Or would it produce delay and dissipation of resources?
8 Don't permit yourself in dissipation.
9 Conrad lived a life of luxury and dissipation.
10 Asymptotic orbital stability provides one route of dissipation.
11 A heavy coat makes heat dissipation difficult.
12 At Eschede the almost instantaneous dissipation of kinetic energy was bound to cause massive damage.
13 Low dissipation factor, high ripple current.
14 From complementarity principle we build up dissipation mechanics in this paper.
15 Hair fiber is very low thermal conductivity, heat dissipation is not easy.
16 For reducing the quiescent dissipation of the system, so it is necessary to exist for the ambipolar power.
17 The solubility, dielectric constant, and dissipation factor of the polymer were improved alter acetyl substitution of poly(p-xylylene).
18 This article introduces the true value measurement of dissipation factor by making use of an air capacitor with gap-variable guard-ring.
19 She burned herself out with a life of aimless dissipation.
20 His slack, slaked face seemed about to drop off with sheer gravity of dissipation.
21 It was as if Gillray's avaricious monarch was more of an affront than the voluptuary suffering from the horrors of dissipation.
22 Alfred Molina's Shannon comes over as an assemblage of mannerisms rather than a man whose behaviour arises from dissipation and anguish.
23 But pop sets itself against nature and abandons wisdom for folly, moments of dissipation.
24 Features: Excellent insulation and heat proof, small size, low dissipation and good reliability of capacitance.
25 SCEM ( Suzuki Composite Electro - Chemical Material ) plated cylinders minimize cylinder size and improve heat dissipation.
26 The vibration will decay or damp as a result of the dissipation of energy.
27 The test result proved that this energy dissipator has good hydraulic characteristics and the energy dissipation effect.
28 The electromagnetic damper studied in this paper belongs to a special kind of coreless generator, which is used for the energy absorption and dissipation in order to weaken vibration.
29 The Y - eccentrically braced steel frame has excellent seismic resistance and energy - dissipation.
30 In this paper , we discuss the relation between information erasure and heat dissipation in quantum memory.
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