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Disruptive in a sentence

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Synonym: riotoustroubledtumultuousturbulentSimilar words: disruptiondisrupteruptioncorruptioninterruptioncaptiveadaptivereceptiveMeaning: [-tɪv] adj. characterized by unrest or disorder or insubordination. 
1. Night work can be very disruptive to home life.
2. She was a disruptive influence, and after a year or two she got the boot.
3. His teacher described him as a noisy, disruptive influence in class.
4. He was expelled from school for disruptive behaviour.
5. Mike's parents thought I was a disruptive influence .
6. She had a disruptive influence on the rest of the class.
7. Alcohol can produce violent, disruptive behavior.
8. A few disruptive students can easily ruin a class.
9. His disruptive behaviour was felt to be sufficient grounds for his expulsion.
10. Long working hours are very disruptive to home life.
11. For a child who is very disruptive, however, there is little to lose by trying a diet.
12. It can be very disruptive to the marriage if the two partners are in therapies with different basic philosophies.
13. There is the disruptive experiment, invented by Garfinkel himself.
14. I believe that too many school responses to disruptive behaviour are negative.
15. Fred Clasper's disruptive plan had been well prepared.
16. Can a school prohibit distribution of potentially disruptive union material?
17. Real-wage reductions are very difficult and disruptive if they have to take the form of lower money wages.
18. Stephen's teacher said he was often disruptive in class.
19. The committee said the letters should suggest banning disruptive pupils, issuing boarding passes and asking the school to consider providing supervision.
20. During her first weeks she was noisy and disruptive in class.
21. Oystermouth would suffer from Sarah's disruptive presence but Eline could not see the villagers putting up with any nonsense from her.
22. She'll be turfed out of the study group if she carries on being disruptive.
23. Mr Clarke also stressed the role of schools in combating juvenile crime and demanded more effective treatment of disruptive
24. This has caused some concern as peaceful demonstrators may be prevented from marching because of the threat posed by a potentially disruptive counter-demonstration.
25. And since it is an evolving language, always changing its expressions, it is also a continually disruptive influence.
26. I argue along with T. J. Clark that Parisian modernism is most distinctive in terms of the disruptive force.
27. Many of those who feel they are achieving least, and are most disruptive in schools, would opt for early leaving.
28. I know their intention is not to hurt the Coliseum, but something like this is disruptive and hurtful to that end.
29. Whenever I ask teachers and trainee teachers to respond to two questions about disruptive behaviour: What did you feel?
30. It could only seem so to those who see sexuality as something essentially disruptive, invading, and dangerous.
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