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Display screen in a sentence

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Sentence count:43Posted:2018-01-28Updated:2018-05-25
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(1) Do you habitually use display screen equipment as a significant part of your job?
(2) The game starts when an egg on the display screen hatches and a chicken is born.
(3) The information flashed on the display screen; simultaneously, a sheet of paper slid out of the slot immediately beneath it.
(4) The edit display screen can only be used, for all practical purposes, for cutting and pasting.
(5) On the display screen appeared a perfect half-moon, very brilliant against a background almost free of stars.
(6) The method about getting lattice information of LED display screen is introduced.
(7) In 1995, it built its first liquid-crystal display screen.
(8) High quality television display screen used to view a TV signal in its unmodulated state. (Modulate-to vary the amplitude, frequency or phase of radio or television).
(9) The device comprises a grille window, a small display screen, a selection digital key, a random digital shifting key, a correction key, a confirming key and an operation platform.
(10) Monitors Monitors are also called display screen or video display terminals.
(11) The smallest display picture element on a video display screen.
(12) Television display screen able to tune in to a modulated or off - air TV signal.
(13) Alternatively, a numeric pager can be used, having its own small display screen.
(14) And the onus will be on employers to ensure their offices comply with the Display Screen Regulations.
(15) Full records were selected by line number from a brief display screen.
(16) The SkyCorder stores information for up to 20 jumps; a display screen and buttons let users check information for previous jumps.
(17) Based on the study and analysis of the current various control circuits for LED display screen, a new method for LED screen data organization is proposed by using multi-scanning-beam.
(18) In addition, the invention also discloses an offline heteromorphic display system, a generating method of the heteromorphic display data and a simulator of the heteromorphic display screen.
(19) It uses PC to transform Chinese character interior code in the sentence to dot matrix display data and send them to LED display screen through serial device.
(20) The CRT TV is made up of interface circuit and CRT display screen.
(21) It is composed of a Z-80 microprocessor, a printer, a sight mark display screen and control stick.
(22) The present invention reduces the number of scanned lines to shorten the addressing time, and increase the holding time, so as to raise image brightness of color plasma display screen.
(23) In order to increase brightness of the data register LED display screen, the main design thoughts are trying to delay light time to every LED.
(24) Text and symbology on the MFD are color-coded to contrast clearly and sharply with the black of the display screen background.
(25) The invention relates to a digital cipher code protection device, especially a grille window small display screen cipher code theft-proof device used for ATM and counter of bank.
(26) Text and symbology on the MFD are color-coded to contrast clearly and sharply with the absolute black of the display screen background.
(27) The housing is provided with an operation control panel which is provided with a liquid crystal display screen and a function key as well as a power switch.
(28) The ultrasound image is immediately visible on a nearby video display screen that looks much like a computer or television monitor.
(29) The effects on the contrast of the LCLV projecting system, such as the LCLV driving signal voltage, frequency, duty cycle and the display screen illumination were analyzed.
(30) This paper introduces hardware structure and anti - disturbance measures of - three - color LED graph display screen controlled by 8031.
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