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Displace in a sentence

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Synonym: bumpderacinatedislocatedislodgeforce outmovepreemptuprootSimilar words: displayon displayplacereplacein placeplacementin place ofworkplaceMeaning: [dɪs'pleɪs] v. 1. take the place of 2. force to move 3. move (people) forcibly from their homeland into a new and foreign environment 4. take the place of or have precedence over 5. cause to move, both in a concrete and in an abstract sense 6. remove or force from a position of dwelling previously occupied 7. put out of its usual place, position, or relationship. 
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1. The building of a new dam will displace thousands of people who live in this area.
2. I'm trying to displace him in his job.
3. Those resources can displace nuclear power.
4. Please don't displace my dictionaries.
5. Weeds tend to displace other plants.
6. This dam is going to displace 25,(Sentence dictionary)000 Kurds in a war region.
7. Flooding caused by the dam may displace up to a million people.
8. Thus they will displace those firms that finance the social security systems, and will undermine established safety regulations.
9. Thus several measures are available to displace natural gas for a higher use as a facilitator of coal combustion.
10. Such attitudes not only displace others from paid employment but also lead to family breakdown.
11. Even if virtual keyboards don't displace physical ones in all situations -- and they won't -- touch screens and haptics may change how we interact with a keyboard -- especially on tablets, says Hsu.
12. In this article, hydrogen is adopted to displace the ideal gas in the experiment of "measuring the Molar gas constant R by displacement method" and a corresponding calculator program is designed.
13. The Left Party could displace the CDU as the Social Democrats' governing partner in the eastern state of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania.
14. There also exists little evidence that immigrants displace native workers.
15. Also, a foreign student can not display cannot displace an American citizen in a job.
16. Wind and sea may displace the ship's center of gravity along three orthogonal axes.
17. Also, a foreign student cannot displace an American citizen in a job.
18. The extraordinary thing was that French did not displace English.
19. To struggle was only to weaken himself; he could not displace the weight or break the grip that held him down.
20. He mentioned the need to bring out the practical application of subjects, in ways which would enhance rather than displace theoretical understanding.
21. If a larger bird is low in the queue, why does it not displace the bird at the head?
22. Accordingly, Congress simply lacks power under the Commerce Clause to displace state regulation of this kind.
23. The net effect of superimposing habituation on imprinting would be to displace the preference away from the familiar.
24. When trade diversion arises, higher cost supplies from the union partner displace lower cost supplies from the rest of the world.
25. Governor Ross Barnett of Mississippi did not want federal marshals to displace his authority.
26. Other hopes have centred on ethanol taking the place of petroleum - but fuel crops must not displace food.
27. If it is, hot water will flow into the radiator from the pipework and displace the trapped air.
28. According to the interference theory, animals forget things not because memory fades but because other memories displace them.
29. To expose the anterior surface of the prostate, it is necessary to displace the peritoneum superiorly.
30. Franker: This will be he throughout history most difficult living, he did not have Kyd , the one who will displace will be a troop young hairy child, but the franker will grasp the nettle.
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