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Dismissal in a sentence

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Sentence count:241+14 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-11-22Updated:2016-12-13
Similar words: dismisstransmissionvassalrenaissanceremissmissilemissingmissionMeaning: [-sl] n. 1. a judgment disposing of the matter without a trial 2. official notice that you have been fired from your job 3. permission to go; the sending away of someone 4. the termination of someone's employment (leaving them free to depart). 
1. He was threatened with dismissal if he continued to turn up late for work.
2. His former chauffeur is claiming unfair dismissal on the grounds of racial discrimination.
3. Wilson was claiming compensation for unfair dismissal .
4. He will be particularly discomfited by the minister's dismissal of his plan.
5. They were warned that they risked dismissal if the strike continued.
6. She decided to sue her employer for wrongful dismissal.
7. Her dismissal came as a bolt from the blue.
8. The dispute was touched off by the dismissal of a workman for insubordination.
9. She's threatening to sue her employers for wrongful dismissal.
10. She is now faced with dismissal on the grounds of misconduct.
11. She was awarded £5,000 in compensation for unfair dismissal.
12. He spoke feelingly about his dismissal.
13. This latest incident makes his dismissal unavoidable.
14. Dismissal of the last piece of evidence as unreliable would severely affect our case.
15. He was blue over his dismissal.
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16. She threatened us with dismissal if we didn't agree, but we all sat tight.
17. He sued his employer for wrongful dismissal.
18. One of her employees sued her for wrongful dismissal.
19. She won her claim for constructive dismissal because she had been pressured into resigning.
20. The woman claims she was the victim of constructive dismissal after being demoted.
21. There were a lot of eyebrows raised at the news of the financial minister's dismissal.
22. He still hopes to win his claim against unfair dismissal .
23. His attack on the manager led to his instant dismissal.
24. He told the tribunal his career had "taken a nosedive" since his dismissal last year.
25. His brain reeled as he realized the implication of his dismissal.
26. He looked blank when he was informed of his dismissal.
27. He sat there while I made the case for his dismissal.
28. Cooke, who was with the firm 30 years, claims unfair dismissal.
29. She is suing the company on grounds of unfair dismissal.
30. A disabled man has lost his claim for unfair dismissal.
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