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Discontent in a sentence

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Antonym: contentSimilar words: discontentmentdiscontinuediscontinuancecontentcontentmentmalcontentcontentioncontentiousMeaning: [‚dɪskən'tent] n. a longing for something better than the present situation. v. make dissatisfied. adj. showing or experiencing dissatisfaction or restless longing. random good picture
1 Discontent is the first step in progress. 
2 Years of discontent turned into armed insurrection.
3 Discontent with the current government is strong.
4 Discontent among junior ranks was rapidly spreading.
5 What's more miserable than discontent?
6 There were murmurs of discontent from the work-force.
7 Discontent simmered and then came to a head with the nationalist protests.
8 For some time there have been murmurings of discontent over the government policy on inflation.
9 Public discontent with the economy remained at a high level.
10 This demonstration was a symptom of discontent among the students.
11 The present wave of strikes stems from discontent among the lower-paid.
12 Discontent stirred the men to mutiny.
13 This riot is only one manifestation of people's discontent.
14 The opposition tried to capitalize on popular discontent over the new law.
15 There was an underlying current of discontent among teachers.
16 The country was seething with discontent and the threat of revolution was real.
17 Perhaps she sensed my growing discontent .
18 Graham attempted to quash rumours of growing discontent.
19 Growing discontent has been symbolized by the protests.
20 Discontent among the ship's crew finally led to the outbreak of mutiny.
21 There was widespread discontent at/about/over/with the plan.
22 There is widespread discontent among the staff at the proposed changes to pay and conditions.
23 The young workers cackled their discontent with poor pay.
24 The reforms failed to stem social discontent.
25 I heard a mutter of discontent.
26 There is discontent within the farming industry.
27 Discontent resulted from sharply rising rents.
28 The rebels seem to be trying to capitalize on the public's discontent with the government.
29 These latest riots are a clear manifestation of growing discontent.
30 The Labour Party swept in on a tide of discontent over rising prices.
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