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Dirt cheap in a sentence

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Similar words: cheapcheaplycheapencheapskatedirtdirtydirty lookshortchangeMeaning: adj. very cheap. 
1. Such cheap goods obviously rely on dirt cheap labor.
2. I got these shoes dirt cheap.
3. They're always selling off stuff like that dirt cheap.
4. This coat was dirt cheap informal .
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5. I got it dirt cheap.
6. Travel packages to Hawaii are dirt cheap during the off-season.
7. It was dirt cheap.
8. Renting an apartment there is dirt cheap.
9. She buys all her clothes dirt cheap in charity shops.
10. He got me a bass dirt cheap.
11. Teacher: Well , it's good . Everything is dirt cheap. Especially DVDsbooksthere're lots of places to hang around.
12. You can buy a pack of pencils dirt cheap.
13. I bought this second - hand car dirt cheap.
14. Fruit is dirt cheap here.
15. This car is dirt cheap.
16. You can get beautiful leather jackets in the markets and they're dirt cheap.
17. In both instances, however, the cost to the consumer is dirt cheap.
18. SAN FRANCISCO - Get ready for the next stage in the personal computer revolution: ultrathin and dirt cheap.
19. I gave the cabman five shillings, who only grumbled, saying it was dirt cheap at half-a-sovereign, and was impertinent enough to advise me the next time I went to a ball to take a 'bus.
20. He said I could sublease them for next to nothing and feed them dirt cheap.
21. That new shop in the high street is selling pocket calculators dirt cheap.
22. You would be foolish to turn down the offer. At that price, it's dirt cheap.
23. It wouldn't really be appropriate to describe a product in a business meeting as dirt cheap.
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