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Direct evidence in a sentence

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Sentence count:49Posted:2018-01-12Updated:2018-01-12
Similar words: evidenceevidencedhearsay evidencepreponderance of evidencephysical evidencedocumentary evidencecorroborating evidencecircumstantial evidenceMeaning: n. evidence (usually the testimony of a witness) directly related to the fact in dispute. 
1. He found no direct evidence to identify a leaker.
2. Lawyers reiterated that there was no direct evidence against Mr Evans.
3. There is no direct evidence of the prion hypothesis.
4. This is so even when there is no direct evidence that the male organ was seen by a witness.
5. Accounting reports measure profit and therefore provide direct evidence as to the organization's performance in a year.
6. Bell, however, offers no direct evidence to substantiate the claim that there has been a shift in demand to services.
7. Now the same team has more direct evidence.
8. We have no direct evidence of how they achieved flight but the living silverfish provides a clue.
9. But he has no direct evidence of the frame-up.
10. Unfortunately, attractive as such mechanisms are, direct evidence for their involvement is very weak.
11. Nevertheless, direct evidence implicating IRF-1 as the critical target gene in 5q deletions remains sparse.
12. We have recently produced direct evidence supporting the possibility of amplification of the birth weight-blood pressure relation in childhood.
13. This new instrument found the first direct evidence of solid matter surrounding stars other than our Sun.
14. There is indeed direct evidence that mechanical stress can generate intracellular signals that regulate gene expression.
15. This result was the first direct evidence of the decelerating epoch.
16. The direct evidence of temperature alternation is provided by the assemblages and density variation of planktonic foraminifer,[] calcium micro-fossil in the palaeo-ocean.
17. There is much circumstantial evidence and some direct evidence.
18. All of these exhibit the direct evidence for the vertical migration of radioactive materials in the ground.
19. This study gives a direct evidence for the opposite action of extrinsic laminin and cisplatin on the assembly of F-actin in ascitic liver cancer cells of mouse.
20. Late decelerations are more direct evidence of fetal hypoxia.
21. There is not a scrap of direct evidence against them.
22. Sponge-fishing may also have gone on from the ports, though there is no direct evidence of it.
23. Secondly, this third stage, was also vouched for by much more direct evidence.
24. A bower builder can leave his behind. 72 More direct evidence of this pattern comes from fish.
25. Unfortunately, the legal aid statistics have not provided the direct evidence that the levels have been allowed to drift.
26. The measurement of carboxyhemoglobin in human blood may provide a direct evidence for acute carbon monoxide intoxication.
27. If I am the one experiencing the headache, then I have direct evidence of its factualness.
28. Our conclusions were arrived at by inference, not by direct evidence.
29. The clear separation of matter and gas clouds is considered direct evidence that matter exists.
30. Could this drug effect vascular intima thickness? Is there any direct evidence?
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