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Digitization in a sentence

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Sentence count:51Posted:2018-01-02Updated:2018-01-02
Similar words: digitalizationdigitisationsanitizationsensitizationprioritizationdesensitizationdigitizedigitizerMeaning: n. conversion of analog information into digital information. 
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1. The audio processing digitization is using the digital filter algorithm to sample and process the audio signal.
2. In this paper, the innovation is that the digitization strategy of Closed Scan Loop Scanning (CSLS), which is an iterative digitization strategy of continuous scanning the probe, is studied.
3. Digitization and triple - play bundling have forever changed the nature of multi - channel service competition.
4. Enter digitization information period, become big industry and hind the turning point with epoch - making industry.
5. As the progress of digitization and networking in information society, Triple Play is the trend of the times.
6. An Infrasound Waveform Digitization System (IWDS) was introduced in detail in this paper.
7. The digitization of document information has had profound influence on the development of librarianship.
8. Hospital digitization is a systematic process and has to be accomplished by stages.
9. For lossless digitization, the sampling rate should be at least twice the maximum frequency response.
10. According to digitization design and PDM technology, we put forward the whole project of software for machine digitization design handbook.
11. The method of the digitization of large scale relief map has mainly handwork and scan vector digitization. At present, scan vector digitization is central in practice.
12. Digitization and various forms of electronic media, some critics say, are rendering the printed text as obsolete as the writing quill.
13. Enters the actual combat for the digitization radar transmitter system to apply prepares for the theory and practice.
14. The digitization of political data isn't new.
15. The network contact has the characteristics of digitization, multiplication(, stratification and so on.
16. Thereby, studying on digitization design handbook for machine fixture and three-dimensional standard library is important to meet the demand of engineering technician in digitization times.
17. In addition, for the digitization of free surface object, the digitization strategy represents the powerful sampling capability of scanning line point cloud.
18. Information resources construction develops toward networking, digitization, ass well as co - operation and sharing.
19. UWB signal digitization depends, to a large extent, on the accuracy of sampling time. A high- accuracy programmable timer is therefore the key to implementing UWB signal data acquisition.
20. It is an important sign of the Information Battle that appearance of digitization troop.
21. A three-dimensional laser scanning device was developed allowing surface digitization of musculoskeletal and soft tissue structures under different loads.
22. The following issues are specially presented:1)The scanning resolution of topographic map digitization in raster mode, which is not the same as the one in vector mode.
23. We should expect the services to be more interdependent as digitization proliferates.
24. So in an ideal world, how would we manage the move to complete digitization?
24. try its best to gather and build good sentences.
25. He is also responsible for planning seminars, colloquia, planning archival and digitization activities and giving lectures and supervision for the students at home and abroad.
26. Simultaneously the micro controller outputs suitable control quantity to drive system implementing agency - digitization silicon-controlled rectifier control circuit.
27. There are however basic rules for digital OOH regardless of whether we ever reach complete digitization.
28. Along with unceasing development of the automobile electronic technology, the vehicle information system is already gradually developing in the direction of intellectualization and digitization.
29. At present, the CMOS image sensor mainly develops to the high resolution, the high dynamic range, the high sensitivity, the ultra microminiaturization, the digitization, the multi-purpose direction.
30. This paper designs a double servo system, based on single chip DSP, in the digitization re-form of one type of cannon servo system.
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