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Digital signal in a sentence

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1. With digital signals, though, the problem is almost nonexistent.
2. MPEG-2 sets the standard for the compression of digital signals, the most complicated and expensive element of any digital broadcasting system.
3. Digital signals can be compressed to take up less space, leaving room for additional programming.
4. Time Division Multiple Access converts conversations into digital signals and assigns each one specific time slots.
5. Sending such digital signals lends itself well to using light along optical fibres rather than electrical signals along copper wires.
6. Complete with the ADC0809 analog to digital signal conversion.
7. With the development of digital signal processing (DSP) processors, the design of retargetable C compiler is necessary.
8. Smart antenna using digital signal process technique, produces space directional beam, and utilizes space filter ability for improving the performance of CDMA systems.
9. The field of digital signal processing has spurred developments from basic theory of discrete-time signals to diverse applications in telecommunications, speech and acoustics, radar, and video.
10. Its software includes digital signal processing algorithms, peripheral device controlling algorithms, and controlling DC motor and BLDC motor algorithms.
11. The paper discusses digital signal distortion meter with the technology and method of digital signal processing.
12. In GPS receiver many digital signal processing steps must be considered in order to align the incoming signal and local signal.
13. DSPS(digital signal procession solution) is the essential technology to resolve the OSA(Open System Architecture) design of electronic instruments in the digital age.
14. Owing to the increasing use of digital signal processing, the design of digital filters and filter banks plays an important role in this filed .
15. The DAC is a circuit that converts a digital signal to an analog signal.
16. VOIP solutions use a digital signal processor (DSP) to process the voice data, preparing the voice sample for transmission by compressing voice and removing jitter.
17. Through the A/D channel analog acquisition and digital signal into, and then through the serial port is sent to the PC, the PC machine can see the sampling results.
18. The principle of digital signal processing exploited in the engineering development of speech synthesizer Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) is reviewed in this paper.
19. Simulink is widely used in control theory and digital signal processing for multidomain simulation and design.
20. It enables your loudspeakers to produce music by converting the digital signal to an analog waveform.
21. An efficient implementation of the discrete form of the wavelet transform on digital signal processors (DSPs) is especially interesting for the analysis of real time
22. And an calculating circuit for calculating the neutral voltage control command based on the digital signal and outputting.
23. LabVIEW technology becomes an important trend of faults monitoring for its flexible conceptive style, favorable man-machine interface and powerful digital signal processing ability.
24. Demodulator separately extracted falling and rising edge in input signal, and then synthesized digital signal to a digital circuit, achieve high-speed demodulation circuit.
25. He has worked previously on logic circuit design, compilers, operating systems, logic synthesis, digital signal processing, computer security and networking systems.
26. The main mission of this subject is to research and accomplish a digital signal process algorithm of Carrier-Free Pulse Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) .
27. This procedure is used C language is to achieve analog signal to digital signal conversion, after certification.
28. The chip's function includes transmitter-receiver of LVDS signal and serializer-deserializer of CMOS digital signal.
29. In this case when used to describe the complex spectra with echo signal measurement, which is the forefront of digital signal processing one of the topics.
30. EWB EDA is one of the perfect software in all sorts of circuit simulation softwares, it has the integrate function for hybrid simulation and digital signal analog.
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