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Digital computer in a sentence

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Sentence count:44Posted:2017-11-26Updated:2017-11-26
Similar words: digital communicationpersonal computerdigital clockdigital cameradigitaldigitallydigitalisdigitalizationMeaning: n. a computer that represents information by numerical (binary) digits. 
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1. The binary system of numbers is used in digital computers.
2. Awkward simulations on digital computers have given way to special processors and high-powered chips.
3. Nearly all present-day digital computers are of the serial type,( executing one program at a time.
4. Although digital computers have to simulate this parallelism, true neural network hardware will really perform the operations in parallel.
5. Of course the brain is a digital computer.
6. Computing Techniques Today we build an electronic digital computer and program it with a set of simple logical instructions.
7. Digital computers were designed for exact solutions of mathematical equations.
8. For digital computers we have measured memory in bytes and speed in instructions per second.
9. This is the reason why digital computers talk in a language called binary code.
10. Unfortunately, these machines often try to mimic electronic digital computers rather than exploit their own advantages.
11. The general-purpose electronic digital computer Let us now try and define rather more precisely the type of device that we are considering.
12. A digital computer that processes analog signals which have been converted into digital form.
13. To transfer control of a digital computer temporarily from a main routine to a subroutine, which is inserted in the sequence of calculating operations to fulfill a subsidiary purpose.
14. The digital computer, in its computation section, can do mainly two things - add or subtract.
15. Digital computer: Computer capable of solving problems by processing information expressed in discrete form.
16. A sequential digital computer works as follows.
17. The first digital computer was invented in 1642 by Blaise Pascal.
18. The first digital computer was put into use in 1944.
19. A human neurone is about a million times slower than a switch in a digital computer.
20. Most research in the field has concentrated on modelling logical-sequential computation, which is well suited to general-purpose digital computers.
21. Later, electrically powered calculators and analog computers bridged the gap to the first primitive digital computers.
22. Neural networks could provide an interface between real-world data that is fuzzy and digital computers.
23. But computer designers are still divided over GaAs's tactical value in world of digital computers.
24. The given formulae in this paper are suitable for electronic digital computer. Finally, a numerical example is given for illustration.
25. An internally mounted, tactical electronic-warfare system is installed, too, "identification friend or foe" system, electronic countermeasures set and a central digital computer.
26. Many books are available covering the subject of digital engineering as applied to digital computer design.
27. This paper presents a method of digital frequency discrimination based on CORDIC(Coordinate Rotation Digital Computer) algorithm which is suitable to be implemented in FPGA.
28. Shown in Fig . 1 is a block diagram of a digital computer.
29. The recent series of Star Wars films has made extensive use of digital computer images.
30. Three - dimensional navigation is even more demanding, so that a digital computer is absolutely necessary.
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