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Digital communication in a sentence

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Sentence count:52Posted:2017-09-29Updated:2017-09-29
Similar words: oral communicationverbal communicationFederal Communication Commissionfederal communications commissioncommunicationcommunicationsexcommunicationtelecommunicationMeaning: n. electronic transmission of information that has been encoded digitally (as for storage and processing by computers). random good picture
1) Although the industry is rapidly introducing advanced digital communication technologies, the telephone network continues to be dependent on analog transmission.
2) Therefore, digital communication system in all aspects gradually replace can analog communications system become the most basic way of modern communications.
3) The widely use of airless digital communication, ARM technology, automation technology and network makes the possible achievement of digital, modularize and real time program control system.
4) Using IDM, we can realize high-speed digital communication on the voice band or improve the capability of a system to suppress noise.
5) Digital mod technology in the digital communication occupies a very important position, commonly used digital modulation are: frequency shift keying (FSK) and phase-shift keying (PSK), and so on.
6) A digital communication system is introduced to replace analog system used in underground locomotive carrier communication system.
7) Convolutional code widely used in various digital communication systems, such as satellite communication systems, GSM, 3G and so on.
8) A symbol synchronization method for digital communication is proposed, and it is a indirectly inserted pilot frequency based on pulse width modulation (PWM).
9) " Digital communication by definition has higher fidelity,( communication.html) " Mr. Neuman said.
10) As most digital communication signals are cyclostationary, FRESH filter can perform excellent of suppression interference in a communication receiver.
11) A chaotic digital communication system based on binary value of chaotic inverse map is paper.
12) However, the application of digital communication to the portable terminal of our army, is blank in communicate equipment of our army all along.
13) Dinxingtong provides valuable digital communication productions for customers and increasingly became the partner trusted by suppliers and the distributer adored by market.
14) Equalization technology is a effective method which can remove intersymbol interference ( ISI ) in digital communication.
15) The experimental receiver has been used in a microwave relay system for TV transmission and digital communication, with satisfactory performances.
16) From the point of view of relative level, this paper proposes a novel approach for the multilevel compression in walsh code-division multiplexing digital communication.
17) The delta modulation is undergoing development as same as the pulse-code modulation in digital communication systems.
18) In this paper, base-band signal is returned by 2DPSK modulation signal. The algorithms of receiving and sending carrier frequency synchronization in digital communication receiver are suggested.
19) Technology of digital modulation and demodulation plays an important role in digital communication system.
20) Square-root raised cosine roll-off digital filter was widely applied to baseband shaping filter and match filter in modern digital communication.
21) This paper deals with a digital speech communicator of very low frequency and low bit digital communication based on software ratio, which uses the technique of QPSK and FEC coding.
22) In this paper, we present a novel application of signal separation ( BSS ) in wireless digital communication.
23) The simulation results show that the ISI can be eliminated effectively with adaptable equalizers in baseband transmission, and the digital communication system takes.
24) What this paper accomplished is the research and accomplish of the high-speedbit timing recovery in the digital communication.
25) A microprocessor-implemented voice band data modem for the general purpose is one of the developmental trends in modern digital communication.
26) It is a comprehensive technology concerned with embedded system, control, computer, digital communication and network.
27) This paper presents a design and realization of FFSK (Fast Frequency Shift Keying) modem by using STC12C5410 MCU based on CMX469A. The modem is used in a point-to-point digital communication system.
28) The Swedish government passes a new bill that allows it to spy on all digital communication.
29) As a kind of new optimized algorithm, neural network can substitute for landscape orientation filter in adaptive equalization , and it has been widely used in digital communication system.
30) However, the influences brought about by polarization-mode dispersion (PMD) to the long-range digital communication system and short-range analog system therefore can not be neglected.
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