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Digestive juice in a sentence

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Sentence count:13Posted:2018-02-13Updated:2018-05-25
Similar words: digestivedigestive tractdigestive systemdigestingdigestiondigestibleindigestionindigestibleMeaning: n. secretions that aid digestion. 
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(1) It is avoided being destroyed by digestive juice in gastrointestinal tract. This dosage form is effective with low dose, being used more convenient and suitable for manufacture.
(2) Help to create more saliva and digestive juice, so as a result, bowels are fastened and digestion system is strengthened.
(3) Some drugs can be destroyed by the digestive juice in the gastrointestinal tract.
(4) Over the periods, their saliva, a mild, digestive juice like our own, was converted into a poison that defies analysis even today.
(5) Over the periods their saliva, a mild, digestive juice like our own.
(6) They crush their victim in their pincers, but feed by injecting digestive juices and sucking the prey dry.
(7) Soon the mere noise of the bell would start their digestive juices running.
(8) The authors reported nursing of duodenal fistula patients treated with balloon catheter isolating digestive juice early operation repair.
(9) Also with the hot and sour wetlands and stimulus to strengthen stomach wiggle and promote secretion of digestive juice, improve appetite.
(10) As a matter of fact, milk always meets in the stomach a digestive juice which curdles it.
(11) The pancreas has both exocrine and endocrine portions. It secretes digestive juice through ducts(, and secretes the hormone insulin into the blood stream.
(12) The biological stability of TP5-loaded nanoparticles was explored in artificial digestive juice.
(13) As a matter of fact, milk always meets in the stomach a digestive juice which curdles it; the curdlingof the milk is the first step in its digestion.
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