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Devious in a sentence

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Synonym: circuitousobliqueroundaboutshiftySimilar words: previouspreviouslyobviousenviousobliviousobviouslyimperviouslasciviousMeaning: ['diːvjəs] adj. 1. indirect in departing from the accepted or proper way; misleading 2. characterized by insincerity or deceit; evasive 3. deviating from a straight course. 
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1 You have to be a bit devious if you're going to succeed in business.
2 She led him by devious ways to the meeting place.
3 Let's take the devious route home.
4 His devious nature was shown in half-lies and small dishonesties.
5 She is devious and sly and manipulative.
6 He got rich by devious means.
7 Newman was devious, prepared to say one thing in print and another in private.
8 He has a very devious mind.
9 He's a devious, secret person and I don't trust him.
10 He had been devious and two-faced.
11 Her saintly manner concealed a devious mind.
12 He was as devious as his adversary was ruthless.
13 Susan is a devious person and we can't depend on her.
14 He took a rather devious route which avoids the city centre.
15 The coach followed a rather devious course to its destination.
16 She says we have devious minds!
17 He might be devious,( but he was not without principles.
18 This practice had a curiously devious origin, in a supposed antagonism between epilepsy and schizophrenia.
19 Lydia recalled with devious glee how Father Maier had been plagued by diarrhea on a previous trip.
20 He is a vain, devious showman accused of bribery, tax evasion, fraud and mafia connections.
21 Devious himself, he admired the same quality in her.
22 Our enemies are different now; subtler, more devious than ever before.
23 O'Rourke has a very devious mind.
24 He is wonderfully avaricious, devious and a genius at avoiding parting with even a sou, all to great comic effect.
25 Her elastic voice easily negotiated some truly devious melodies, somehow managing to sound joyful and heartbroken at the same time.
26 Or was it as devious as that?
27 You have to be pretty devious to be successful in that sort of business.
28 Their method of collecting money was devious, but not illegal.
29 Or, like any fallible human sinner, was he desperately constructing an armour of simplicity about his devious shiftings?
30 The rapist who wins women's trust and then abuses them is a more sophisticated, devious and frightening operator.
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