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Detonator in a sentence

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Similar words: detonatedetonationdonatorimpersonatoratonalcome to naughtakhenatonsenatorMeaning: [detneɪtə/'detəneɪt-] n. a mechanical or electrical explosive device or a small amount of explosive; can be used to initiate the reaction of a disrupting explosive. 
1. A detonator is any device containing an explosive that is actuated by heat, percussion, friction, or electricity.
2. Pentrite can explode without a detonator if it receives a severe blow or strong friction.
3. A detonator had failed to set it off.
4. Benedita was a six-foot, three-inch detonator who exploded books full of theories and generalizations in minutes.
5. Only a small charge directly connected to the detonator exploded.
6. Without the detonator codes, those older nukes were no more dangerous than paperweights.
6. try its best to collect and create good sentences.
7. Our company mainly manufactured boosters , shock tube, detonator, industrial detonating cord, industrial explosives, etc.
8. The SDT of the detonator is simulated with the codes 2 DLE and BKW.
9. With use of electric delay detonator No 5, two kinds of explosive have more serious desensitisation as compared with using electric delay detonator No 2.
10. Compared with the detonator made of delay element of fuse, the detonator made of delay element of lead has higher precision.
11. Applications in a few small type of stab detonator are provided as well.
12. The 2D initiation flow in a detonator is measured using an improved 2D composite manganin-constantan ring gauge.
13. The development detonator with from 6 - 10 half - second delay periods is discussed in this paper.
14. The axial initiating ability of a detonator is one of the important parameters among its properties.
15. A new non primary explosive electric detonator with only explosive adopted was introduced in this paper.
16. As night approached, the man was forced to put on a belt packed with plastic explosives and connected to a detonator.
17. Later, the guard was forced to put on a belt packed with plastic explosives and connected to a detonator.
18. It failed to explode only because of a faulty detonator.
19. Jones attached a piece of string to the bomb's detonator pin and a breeze block.
20. With the appearance of high - precision millisecond nonel detonator, the technique of hole - by - hole is developed.
21. June 28, 1914, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the Crown Prince Franz Ferdinand assassinated in Sarajevo by local youth to become the detonator of World War I broke out.
22. Topics have been designed primarily to ignition component, electronic delay unit, shock-activated energy transducer and capacitor and the rest of detonator is the same of traditional detonator.
23. There is important value to improve production security of detonator crimping operation process.
24. Based on the principle of the plate trace test, the test device and method were proposed to compare detonator initiation sensitivity and work capacity of ANFO containing additives.
25. With kinds of different reflector, the pressure histories and flame propagation velocities in the detonator tube were measured to study the characteristics of detonation initiation.
26. There is a cavum in the hammerhead for the connection of detonator and the detonating cord.
27. A computer virus has two parts: the infector and detonator.
28. The author invents a kind of automatic time - measure system for delay detonator test.
29. German authorities say a scan of the bag at the international airport in Windhoek showed batteries attached by wires to a detonator and a clock.
30. In additlon . it is a major ingredient for anti-freeze agent, and has multipurpose in production of impregnant , lubricant , softener, plasticizer and detonator.
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