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Democratization in a sentence

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Sentence count:43Posted:2017-10-05Updated:2017-10-05
Similar words: democratisationdemocratizedemocraticundemocraticdemocraticallydemocratic partydemobilizationDemocratMeaning: [dɪ‚mɒkrətaɪ'zeɪʃn] n. the action of making something democratic. random good picture
1. Democratization has brought workers the right to strike and join a trade union.
2. Some attributed the growth to the democratization of the Poor Law franchise in 1894.
3. The moves towards democratization had been precipitated by widespread unrest, focusing particularly on economic grievances.
4. Occupation policy had two stated objectives: demilitarization and democratization.
5. Of course, democratization, like modernization, must advance step by step.
6. How does the UN support democratization?
7. Full democratization on the other hand, requires open contestation over the right to win control of the government, requiring free competitive elections, the results of which determine who governs.
8. Power politics or the democratization of the international relations"? World peace under the "jungle law' or world peace under the rules guided by the civilization?
9. Legalism and democratization are prerequisites for public participation in the WTO dispute settlement.
10. But the democratization and the administrative trends are not always antagonistic.
11. Not only is democratization out, but repression hardened.
12. My dissertation "Damming China's Grand Canyon: Pluralization without Democratization in the Nu River Valley" goes more into this.
13. Third , advancing China's political democratization process,[] the consolidation of the CPC's ruling position.
14. A collection of essays on the political, economic, and cultural aspects of democratization.
15. Both Lipset and Coleman find a strong correlation between indices of modernization and democratization.
16. Alternatively it was seen by some as a warning to the opposition that the process of democratization would have its limits.
17. Foreign relations On Sept. 16 the United Kingdom government announced an aid package to assist in the process of democratization.
18. We will maintain our contact with the Soviet leadership to encourage continued commitment to democratization and reform.
19. They broadcast a statement reaffirming the army's support for the process of democratization and denouncing the delays in the electoral process.
20. Gorbachev had stressed the urgency of creating the new presidential system in order to safeguard democratization and perestroika.
21. Critics of the charter had reportedly expressed fears that the opposition's allegiance to the monarchy would reduce pressure for further democratization.
22. This was seen as part of an attempt by the government to widen economic reform to include democratization as well as liberalization.
23. In the post-cold war era, the traits of the Baath Partys rule are: symbolistic democratization, anti-America and anti-Israel complex; potential pan-Arab psychology influence; revival of tribalism.
24. The Industrial Bourgeoisie of England and the Process of English Democratization.
25. It deserves better than to be dressed up in Communist or despotic garb to block democratization.
26. As a uniqueness regime of law in common-law system, the jury system is adopted by other countries and became the symbol of judicial democratization.
27. In his view, democracy properly appears rather late in the process of democratization.
28. "It is one major step in Turkey's very long path of democratization, and in Turkey, the military might has always been stronger than the elected official power, " she said.
29. The contest in the process of villagers voting as an important factor in political democratization.
30. Prospect the development trends of the Chinese industry associations: independence, legal system and democratization.
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