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Declare bankruptcy in a sentence

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Sentence count:21Posted:2018-11-08Updated:2018-11-08
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1) It is the only country to have declared bankruptcy.
2) Last week, the board voted to declare bankruptcy.
3) Steel Co., which was drowning in debt and eventually declared bankruptcy last month.
4) Faced with such a towering judgment, Simpson could declare bankruptcy.
5) Major retailers are considering or have already declared bankruptcy.
6) It was no surprise when the Internet Startup firm declared bankruptcy.
7) To put it simply: your Earth Government has declared bankruptcy.
8) Two funds were frozen by the government; others declared bankruptcy or slashed their interest rates and stopped paying back principal.
9) Too many people take the easy way out of financial trouble by declaring bankruptcy.
10) The Supreme Court ruled in 1990 that convicted criminals can avoid making restitution by declaring bankruptcy.
11) He repeatedly urged us to declare bankruptcy.
12) The company had to declare bankruptcy.
13) Only 1.5 percent of households declare bankruptcy in any given year.
14) The bank claims that the company's losses are the result of an ill-advised decision to declare bankruptcy.
15) With an insufficent turnover fund [],[ bankruptcy.html] the real - estate company was forced to declare bankruptcy.
16) Throwing in the towel may mean that a company will have to declare bankruptcy.
17) Like euro - zone members, American states may not declare bankruptcy and cannot be sued by creditors.
18) With its future on a knife-edge, GM delivered a blunt warning that unless its creditors accepted the plan, it would declare bankruptcy and leave the courts to carve up the company.
19) Like almost everyone else in the banking world, they wanted us to declare bankruptcy.
20) Then only 25, Early borrowed on his home rather than declare bankruptcy.
21) The automaker's current financial condition has largest speculation the company could declare bankruptcy.
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