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Daily variation in a sentence

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Sentence count:21Posted:2019-06-07Updated:2019-06-07
Similar words: variationvariationalcovariationcost variationmagnetic variationseasonal variationcalculus of variationscoefficient of variationMeaning: n. fluctuations that occur between one day and the next. 
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1. The daily variation of air pollutant is obvious.
2. The daily variation of Gs was similar, too.
3. It is revealed that: 1) The daily variation of stem sap flow of P. euphratica on clear days in the whole growing season can be described with an evident unimodal curve.
4. The results showed that the daily variation of net photosynthetic rate in leaves presented a bimodal curve and an obvious "midday depression" phenomenon occurred.
5. Shapes and characteristics of daily variation of each direction of geoelectric field at the seismological stations such as Houtuqiao etc are analyzed using their minute value data.
6. An experimental research on the daily variation of evapotranspiration in wheat field and evaporation on bare soil under different soil moisture was conducted.
7. In control installation condition,(sentencedict .com) the daily variation and the yearly variation of grapephotosynthesis were obviously double peaks.
8. The result showed that the daily variation process of Phragmites communis was fit to the single peak curve, namely high at noon while low at morning and night.
9. There was significant daily variation difference between manual and automated observation, while there was no considerable geographical and seasonal variation.
10. The daily variation of CH4 emission in late rice paddy field was basically consistent with the daily variation of air temperature.
11. According observational data of soil temperature. Mean daily variation of the soil vertical heat flux has been calculated in and outside sunbeam greenhouse.
12. The daily variation of digital geomagnetic data observed by Fluxmeter in Houtuqiao seismostation is analyzed, and its 5-day amplitude-ratio and daily-amplitude-ratio are calculated.
13. The difference between different underlying surfaces only helps increase or decrease the daily variation amplitude of the elements.
14. Employed with different water absorbent can not change the sweet peppers chlorophyll fluorescence of the daily variation tendency, but only the slightly change in value.
15. The research results reveal that the soil moisture prominently impacts the daily variation kinesis of transpiration rate and the daily net photosynthetic rate of wheat leaves.
16. The results show that soil temperatures exhibit a one-day-period fluctuation with the daily variation of ground surface temperature.
17. The air pollution over coastal cities in South China is also effected by sea–and land–breezes to a certain degree, and therefore, the distribution appears daily variation.
18. The result shows that there exists the influence of sun activity on the atmosphere not only in long period variation but also in daily variation.
19. By using the lightning data from 2002 to 2004 in Suzhou, lightning characteristics such as monthly variation, daily variation, intensity of lightning current and lightning density are analyzed.
20. The results show that the size distribution, diurnal variation, daily variation of atmospheric aerosols have a good relation to relative humidity and Richardson number.
21. The research results show that the size distribution, diel change, daily variation have a good connection with relative humidity and Richardson number.
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