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Cycloidal in a sentence

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Sentence count:30Posted:2018-08-31Updated:2018-08-31
Similar words: cycloidepicycloidcolloidalcolloidal suspensioncyclocyclonecycloncyclopMeaning: adj. resembling a circle. 
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(1) The plan by profiling cam forming process cycloidal gear in type Y54A gear shaping machine.
(2) For cycloidal pin wheel speed reducers which are mainly used to transfer motions, the return error will be one of the factors influencing their use performance.
(3) Based on the equation of action line for cycloidal pump, a geometrical mathematical model is built to solve instantaneous flow, displacement, average flow and the pulsation of the pump.
(4) Our main products include "Tianxing" planetary cycloidal pin wheel reducer series, drum motor series, rigid tooth reducer series.
(5) A new type of arc cycloidal internal meshing rotary pump was studied.
(6) First, the operating principle of cycloidal gear pump is analyzed in this article.
(7) The cycloidal propeller was developed prior to World War II but was only occasionally used in tugs because of its manoeuvrability.
(8) As it is known as direct contact bodies, cycloidal and involute profiles provide both a positive drive and a uniform velocity ratio; i. e. , conjugate action.
(9) The meshing characteristic of the cycloidal type gear pump is analyzed theoretically and calculated; furthermore, it is compared with that of the involute.
(10) Extrusion System: frequency variable motor, cycloidal pin gear speed reducer and high qualitynitrifiedfeed cylinder screw.
(11) So, this new type of cycloidal pump is capable of operating with higher rotation speed and more teeth, higher specific flow rate, less flow fluctuation and wear.
(12) The cycloidal equidistant - curve worm gearset is the new type of worm and worm gear transmission equipment.
(13) By building the cycloidal polar parameter equation, the approximate error formula was derived.
(14) Cycloidal gear of four-rod mechanism is a species of novel combination mechanism.
(15) Acceptable metal shaving contact rollers of cycloidal gears and involute gears in shape grinding have been manufactured with this method.
(16) Although the cycloidal gear has much merits the pure cycloidal gear is less used in practice and the modified one is widely employed.
(17) Our main products: reducer , gear motor, bevel gear, worm - gear motor, cycloidal reducer and variator.
(18) This paper discusses the formation and properties of the inner cycloid and the principle of the tritubercular cycloidal pump is illustrated.
(19) The series machines adopt horizontal type, LCD display, planetary cycloidal pin gear reducer transmitting with the characters of load smoothly, stable,[] and no impacting and data collecting accurately.
(20) In this paper a method is developed to calculate the hydrodynamic performance of cycloidal propeller at arbitrary direction angle.
(21) The paper theoretically analyzes the non-chain drawing mechanism with involute cycloidal compound tooth in a coal machine and researches the photoelastic test.
(22) On the basis of the functions of SIEMENS CNC system, the sub-program for cycloidal cam machining has been developed.
(23) A new method is proposed for analysing the meshing force exerted between the pin teeth and the cycloidal gear teeth in the course of the cycloidal pin gear epicyclic transmission.
(24) Prepare pot is made up of barrel body, barrel cover, churn oar, feeding throat, cycloidal pinwheel reduction box, bleeder valve and so on.
(25) Based on the tooth profile curve equation of inner rotors in cycloidal pump, the formula for displacement calculation of the pump are derived.
(26) Mainly engaged in a new type of lateral pressure without cycloidal gear linkage within the internal combustion engine research and development of economic management and software development.
(27) These are the mathematical models of drawing the pitch curve and the profile of the cycloidal wheel.
(28) In this work, the RV type drive i. e. design and calculation of the closed type planetary gear with the cycloidal wheel are discussed.
(29) Using this formula to estimate the performance of the cycloidal propeller and comparing the computational results with experimental results, it is shown that the agreement between them is quite good.
(30) The formula given here can be used to CAD/CAE of cycloidal pump.
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