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Cycloid in a sentence

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Sentence count:31Posted:2017-09-21Updated:2017-09-21
Similar words: cyclonecyclopscycloniccyclopeancyclostyleanticycloneencyclopediaencyclopedicMeaning: ['saɪklɔɪd] n. a line generated by a point on a circle rolling along a straight line. adj. resembling a circle. random good picture
1. For this reason the cycloid is called the tautochrone.
2. Modeling program of cycloid profile contact finite element was finished by use of parametric function in I-DEAS software.
3. Our use of advanced dual - cycloid the seven countries of the patented technology and design.
4. Analyses the formation conditions of the tritubercular cycloid and establish the parameter equation and equidistant envelope equation.
5. Cycloid pin gear planetary reducers are widely used in agricultural machinery with their big transmission ratio and high carrying capacity.
6. The article proposes two kinds of cycloid disc's multiple curve for teethe.
7. Compared with the cycloid pin wheel gearbox , the planetary gearbox with one tooth difference, formed by cycloid equidistant line gears has advantages of high efficiency large loading capacity and ...
8. Based on compounding cycloid track, a leg mechanism of a bipedal dinosaur was designed.
9. The construction principle and driving principle of cycloid steel ball planetary transmission are analyzed.
10. The cycloid - shaped gears are used widely in mini - gearing, which reduces gearing and increases its transmission ratio.
11. The force conditions of two types of cycloid gear are compared with each other.
12. It has a lot of properties, Cycloid, hypocycloid and epicycloid are plane curves .
13. Such research is absolutely necessary because FA cycloid drive is offen applied in high precision transmission.
14. The vibration performance of cycloid ball planetary reducer was analyzed.
15. The cycloid has an isochronal pendulum.
16. Double crank four ring - plate type cycloid drive is a new type drive.
16. Wish you will love and make progress everyday!
17. Cycloid was used to modify the involute tooth profile.
18. The methods and the program can be used to guide the choice of milling cutter when processing the inner curve of pin gear housing in double crack three ring-plate cycloid reducer.
19. Pinhole machining of pin gear housing is one of important procedures in manufacturing cycloid speed reducer.
20. In this paper, the piecewise functions of constant acceleration, combined cycloid and combined parabola starting processes with sloping segments are put forward firstly.
21. Though the finite element calculation of the force analysis of the cycloid and the pin gear surface, it has been proved that the method put forward by the paper is correct.
22. The method can calculate the contact force and its change range between the pin gear and the cycloid during the whole transmission more precisely.
23. This paper discusses the formation and properties of the inner cycloid and the principle of the tritubercular cycloidal pump is illustrated.
24. So, if you wanted to know how long ; an arch of cycloid is, you have this nice-looking curve; how long is it?
25. The driving device is the component whose main body is a pin gear Cycloid reducer to drive the agitator of the glass-lined reactor.
26. The pressure angle formulas of inside and outside profiles of the cycloid grooves are respectively deduced.
27. Teeth minute, rather conical in shape, set in broad band on premaxillary and in narrow band on dentary. Scales cycloid.
28. On condition that the approximate error was in allowable range, the optimization algorithm to fix cycloid parameters was given for the objective of the highest machining efficiency.
29. Cross section of the cell show that the internal photo synthetic membrane are present as cycloid plica spiralis shape.
30. This paper proposes a new method to modify the cycloid gear tooth of reducer in order to improve the gear engagement.
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