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Cyclical in a sentence

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Sentence count:150Posted:2017-06-08Updated:2017-06-08
Similar words: encyclicaltropical cyclonebiogeochemical cyclecyclistcyclingrecyclingclinicalclinicallyMeaning: adj. recurring in cycles. random good picture
1. Economic activity often follows a cyclical pattern.
2. Changes in the economy have followed a cyclical pattern.
3. The object is no longer in cyclical motion.
4. Cyclical, industrial stocks lagged badly amid disappointing earnings and worries about flagging economic growth.
5. This cyclical view of the historical process differs from that of modern Western man in a most fundamental manner.
6. Cyclical variations in consumption, investment and national income following an increase in autonomous investment - explosive case.
7. The migrating motor complex consists of a cyclical period of activity with a length of about 120 minutes in man.
8. Cyclical stocks ended the year at the bottom of the barrel, illustrating the growing investor skittishness about the economy.
9. Damped cyclical variation in national income.
10. Besides the cyclical view and the progressive, there was the important tradition concerning a Golden Age in the remote past.
11. It was overtaken by a long cyclical drought.
12. Seasonal rhythms are generally much more regular than cyclical rhythms and so can be measured and forecasted more accurately.
13. If the firm has a short-term or cyclical need for funds, a long-term obligation may be highly undesirable.
14. A cyclical deficit is like Melvin, who, understandably, gets fat in the hospital, because he can not exercise.
14. Wish you can benefit from our online sentence dictionary and make progress every day!
15. Cyclical changes in H pylori infection may cause the variations in basal acid secretion that are seen in duodenal ulcer disease.
16. Employment of construction managers is sensitive to the short-term nature of many construction projects and cyclical fluctuations in construction activity.
17. The objective of this chapter is to consider the possible causes of this cyclical movement in economic activity.
18. Consider now to what extent changes in a country's monetary variables may be responsible for cyclical variations in real output.
19. But industrial stocks generally underperformed the market, and many cyclical stocks posted negative returns.
20. Such amenorrhoea is associated with bone loss, and this can be prevented by the judicious use of cyclical hormones.
21. Banks got into the act when they realized that they too could cut back their exposure to a dangerous and cyclical world.
22. He rejected all evolutionary theories and stressed instead the essentially cyclical nature of change.
23. He did not claim to be absolutely original in his cyclical theory of constitutional changes.
24. Normal motility of the small intestine in the fasting state is characterised by the cyclical appearance of the migrating motor complex.
25. Producers know that they can not hold prices constant while waiting for a quick recovery from cyclical downturns.
26. And key questions emerge here: how do we deliver a linear curriculum without undermining the cyclical nature of the learning experience?
27. But the sector suffered like chemicals and shipping from cyclical downturns in world demand which thinned the ranks.
28. In terms of narratology, the author is almost a pioneer of postmodernism in his use of cyclical narrative.
29. In May a paper, Employment Policy, accepted the Keynesian economic argument of using public expenditure to avoid cyclical unemployment.
30. One of the board members asked Ted a very pointed question about several of our biggest cyclical accounts.
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