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Cushion in a sentence

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Synonym: pillowsoftensupportSimilar words: fashionold-fashionedsushistanchionpercussionaccusationconcussiondiscussionMeaning: ['kʊʃn] n. 1. a mechanical damper; absorbs energy of sudden impulses 2. a soft bag filled with air or a mass of padding such as feathers or foam rubber etc.. v. protect from impact. 
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1. Politeness is like an air cushion; there may be nothing in it,but it eases ours jolts wonderfully. 
2. A hovercraft rides on a cushion of air.
3. The company provides a styrofoam cushion to protect the tablets during shipping.
4. Good sports shoes should provide a cushion when running.
5. She plumps up the sofa cushion.
6. She made a cushion out of odd bits of material.
7. Stuff the cushion and then sew up the final seam.
8. Housing benefit provides a cushion against hardship.
9. She sank gracefully down onto a cushion at his feet.
10. The kitten was curled on a cushion on the sofa.
11. His savings were a comfortable cushion against financial problems.
12. The suspension is designed to cushion passengers from the effects of riding over rough roads.
13. She embroidered flowers on the cushion .
14. A hovercraft travels on a cushion of air.
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15. Lie face upwards with a cushion under your head.
16. I rested my elbow on a cushion.
17. They said Western aid was needed to cushion the blows of vital reform.
18. Underlay forms a cushion between the carpet and the floor, to minimize wear.
19. He lay on the sofa with a cushion under his head.
20. He covered the cushion with new material.
21. Use a small cushion to help give support to the lower back.
22. Savings can act as a cushion against unemployment.
23. She embroidered the cushion cover with flowers.
24. His hat helped to cushion the blow.
25. The subsidies are designed to cushion farmers against unpre-dictable weather.
26. The cushion split open and sent feathers everywhere.
27. She sat there, reclined against a foam rubber cushion.
28. He's lost his job, but the redundancy money will cushion the blow.
29. My money's all fallen down the back of the cushion.
30. There is also a new steering wheel with an energy absorbing rim to cushion the driver's head in the worst impacts.
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