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Cupric in a sentence

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Sentence count:30Posted:2018-03-12Updated:2018-05-26
Similar words: cuprumcuprouscupreousacupressureupriseuprightuprisinguprightnessMeaning: ['kjuːprɪk] adj. of or containing divalent copper. 
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1. Generally, one cupric ion complexes with four to six peptide linkages.
2. DOF was prepared by using anhydrous cupric sulfate as an esterification catalyst of fumaric acid with isooctyl alcohol.
3. The paper discusses a new method for producing cupric feed copper sulfate by chalcocite and ehalcopyite.
4. Experiments on preparation of cupric sulfate from a copper sulfide ore by microbiological leaching solvent extraction crystallization have been carried.
5. The method of producing cupric subcarbonate from impurity removed waste electrolyte is introduced, and it effecting factors are studied.
6. Cupric azide is insoluble in water.
7. In this paper, the study on making cupric sulfate with high arsenic bearing copper concentrate and the recovery of gold and silver are introduced.
8. The method that cupric sulfate is synthesized from spongy copper is thought to be the best among several routines.
9. Cupric isooctoxylborate ( CuIOB ) was prepared paper . The oil - solubility, anti - oxidation stability and anti - corrosion ability were investigated.
10. METHOD Under alkaline condition, ephedrine and cupric sulfate chelated to form a blue purple compound, which a maximum absorption at 601.
11. The preparative condition of cupric sulfate from low-grade copper ore has been investigated in this paper, the method of removal of iron in the process has also been studied.
12. Preparation of cupric sulfate from waste electric component lead is introduced.
13. This technology uses a new catalyst to make copper oxidized by air in a dilute sulfuric acid solution and thus to prepare industrial cupric sulfate.
14. Electroless nickel copper phosphorus ternary alloy deposits were prepared by addition of cupric sulfate in nickelbath.
15. TP reagent had significant influence on detecting magnesium, because it contented the high concentration of cupric sulfate .
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16. Higher results are usually obtained for separation and determination of monomeric metal-elements by replacement reaction of cupric salt.
17. The research results have been shown that the recovery of metal tin and the purity of products are affected mostly by the reaction temperature, concentration of acid and cupric sulfate, etc.
18. Electroless nickel copper phosphorus ternary alloy deposits were prepared by addition of cupric sulfate in electroless nickel phosphorus alloy plating bath.
19. They based on the oxidative polymerization of 2,6-dimethylphenol(DMP) using cupric ammine complex catalyst.
20. Electroless copper depositing processess are controlled by the kinetics of formaldehyde oxidation reaction, which donate electron for the cathodic reduction of cupric ions.
21. The absorption curves of the brightener UBAC 1A of bright acid copper plating and cupric sulfate of the bath were mensurated by experiments respectively.
22. Acetalization of glycol with carbonyl compounds was carried out catalyzed by cupric p - toluenesulfonate.
23. Benzaldehyde ethylene glycol acetal was directly synthesized from benzaldehyde and ethylene glycol under microwave irradiation with cupric sulfate as catalyst.
24. In this research used strong oxidant, sodium persulfate(, to prepare the cupric oxide.
25. Two circuits are used to treat the waste residue containing copper which were produced by lead smeltery , and cupric sulphate reagent is get with this two circuits.
26. The primary factors of influence on gelatin time and gluing strength are ammonium persulfate, temperature, cupric chloride and ammonia water.
27. Higher contact resistance due to poor adhesive of polyolefine matrix to cupric electrodes.
28. The hexadecanol bischloroacetate was synthesized fastly with the technique of microwave irradiation with the anhydrous cupric sulfate as catalyst.
29. A hard problern is free from impurity iron in tbe preparation of cupric sulfate from spongy - copper.
30. Conclusion TP reagent had significant influence on detecting magnesium, because it contented the high concentration of cupric sulfate.
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