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Cromwell in a sentence

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Sentence count:35Posted:2018-01-12Updated:2018-01-12
Similar words: oliver cromwellAll's well that ends wellfrom way backwellcrown jeweldwellwellsswellMeaning: n. English general and statesman who led the parliamentary army in the English Civil War (1599-1658). random good picture
1. She used to pick flowers in the Cromwell Road.
2. Cromwell Marsh, a quick-talking cockney, pops up like a minor devil.
3. He was knighted by Cromwell in 1657 and was buried 20 August 1659.
4. Cromwell, meanwhile, picked up his hat and dusted it off.
5. Only a king could inherit what Cromwell had defended, albeit a king under much closer restrictions than ever before.
6. Anne Boleyn and Cromwell, the greatest patrons, soon fell.
7. Oliver Cromwell came to Stamford in 1643, following the retreat of the Cavalier army who had tried to capture Peterborough.
8. Oliver Cromwell, the great English leader, offered many gifts to win the support of George Fox and his Quaker group, but failed.
9. When Oliver Cromwell died in 1658 andsucceeded by his son Richard the regime began to collapse.
10. Anne Hathaway, James McAvoy , Julie Walters, James Cromwell and Maggie Smith.
11. Oliver Cromwell overthrew King Charles I.
12. Cromwell was of the active , not the reflective temper Morley.
13. Cromwell : I have, sir! from country squire to Lord Protector of England!
14. Notable former Cambridge students include Oliver Cromwell, Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin and Stephen Hawking.
15. Unlike the army of Oliver Cromwell, which briefly overthrew the monarchy in the 17th century in two bloody civil wars, these rebels were a jovial, good-humored bunch.
16. Such intrepidity of character characterised Luther, Cromwell, Washington, Pitt, Wellington, and all great leaders of men.
17. When Oliver Cromwell died in 1658 and was succeeded by his son, Richard, the regime began to colla e.
18. Cromwell secured the boon by the timely present of some choice sweetmeats to Pope Julius II.
19. When you're imitating the world-famous flutist Jean Pierre Cromwell.
20. He now regretted that he had declined an invitation from Cromwell to be his chaplain two years previously.
21. He therefore received a rather cool reception from Oliver Cromwell and was never once invited to join the army council meetings.
22. The Cavaliers occupied Burghley House, but they were heavily outnumbered, and Cromwell forced them to surrender after a bitter siege.
23. They had met originally when Verrall was writing a biography of Cromwell for which William had done much of the research.
24. He would have perished at Thermopylae with Leonidas, and burned at Drogheda with Cromwell.
25. During the protectorate he served as Latin secretary to Cromwell, composing many state documents in that language.
26. A burgh of southeast Scotland on the North Sea east of Edinburgh. Oliver Cromwell defeated the Covenanters here on September 3, 1650. Population, 4,
27. A burgh of southeast Scotland on the North Sea east of Edinburgh. Oliver Cromwell defeated the Covenanters here on September 3, '50. Population, 4, '09.
28. A hundred long years must still elapse before Englishman could hear the name of Oliver Cromwell.
29. he died in 1655 at sea between Hispaniola and Jamaica, while serving as a commissioner for Oliver Cromwell on a military expedition to retake the island of Hispaniola.
30. The Normans built the castle which was reduced to ruins under Cromwell.
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