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Critical factor in a sentence

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Sentence count:35Posted:2018-10-10Updated:2018-10-10
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1. Physical maturation is a critical factor in the attainment of continence although emotional factors are of importance particularly in secondary enuresis.
2. A critical factor appears to be the enhanced influx of external calcium which is taken up by the stores with two consequences.
3. Oilseed rape establishment-the critical factor for a good crop.
4. Job security is a critical factor for many people.
5. But specialisation depends on one critical factor: the reliability of supply.
6. Considering a critical factor - rotor speed, the system also realizes a self - adaptive process of dynamic balance test.
7. Another critical factor in a magnetotelluric survey is the selection of the energy passband .
8. The design of spring is the critical factor to the feature of isobar filling valve.
9. The critical factor that lets this style of planning work is to let the customer make business decisions and allow the programmer team to make technical ones.
10. Conclusion Telomere reduction and telomerase activation are critical factor during oncogenesis.
11. Balance is one of Critical factor to influence the measuringaccuracy of the aerodynamics forces. The experimental error from 30%to 60 of aerodynamic forces is created by balance.
12. Subsidence may be the critical factor in managing a ground water reservoir.
13. Power supply is a critical factor. If power production output is damaged in a sustainable fashion, that could have a durable impact on the economy.
14. The most critical factor to consider in making the decision regarding rules is to determine which option will best ensure the enforceability of an arbitral award.
15. The early reflected sound is a critical factor in room acoustics.
16. Product innovation is a critical factor of judging whether a product is competitive.
17. Low transformation efficiency is still a critical factor which affects plant gene engineering development.
18. Environmentalists say a critical factor in the city's pollution is its population.
19. The prospect of a long war with the inevitable increase in demand for service manpower was a critical factor.
20. Alternatively, dictatorship might be better defined by the absence of a limited mandate-a critical factor in our definition of democracy.
21. Research seems to indicate that how parents manage the divorce process is the critical factor for children rather than the divorce perse.
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22. And within a few years after Keynes, the level of production became the critical factor in war mobilization.
23. Marketing strategy and development of financing lease practitioners is obviously a critical factor.
24. The feasibility and validity of parameter estimation is a critical factor in environmental fate models.
25. Conclusion: E2 of NF2 gene mutation might be one of the critical factor in the tumorogenesis of acoustic neuromas .
26. The maximum yield of corn kernel and straw crude protein in unit area is critical factor to determine the optimum harvesting maturity stage of corn.
27. According to a recent survey by YouGov and London's Legatum Institute, 93 percent of Chinese entrepreneurs cite guanxi—connections with government officials—as a critical factor in business success.
28. The translation of brand names is the language transformation and cultural blending. It is a critical factor to understanding and dealing well with cultural elements during translation.
29. Communication effectiveness and awareness of existing reusable software assets is also a critical factor.
30. The rock composition is an important but not the only critical factor for the occurrence of sapphirine.
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