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County seat in a sentence

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Sentence count:29Posted:2017-11-13Updated:2017-11-13
Similar words: countyexpense accountbounty hunterbountydiscount couponcountseamountcountryMeaning: n. the town or city that is the seat of government for a county. 
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1. Lefors, founded in 1900 as the Gray County seat, long has faced an uncertain future.
2. Safe Home Counties seats in the 50s wanted decorous ex-public schoolboys.
3. The County Seat Cafe, on Montezuma, serves an eclectic menu of fine dining.
4. Ormskirk and Chorley were both county seats under the family influence and Stanleys had sat for both seats in the recent past.
5. Lingqiu school is located in county seat mile of the West, Ling Road South.
6. The official sitting in the county seat can't order people around like one sitting right here.
7. Town resident south to the county seat ( straight distance ) 27 km, 15 km north yunyanzhen.
8. The criminal has been sent to the county seat under guard.
9. Huntsville, the county seat and Orval Faubus's hometown, had a little more than a thousand people.
10. The plan also designates the new county seat as the site for restoring Qiang culture.
11. County near the county seat and the north - west, the distribution of sporadic small plain.
12. Prior to this, Kitagawa has been the county seat around the barbed wire fence.
13. I remember a rally in Anniston, the county seat, remember a band playing "Dixie", and an undulating canopy of Confederate battle flags, a whole auditorium of Stars and Bars and fluttering red.
14. The central district used to be the county seat, therefore its economy is prosperous.
15. Anything more serious requires a trip to the Luochuan county seat , 20 km ( 12 miles ) away.
16. The Xumi Grottoes are located about 60 km northwest of the county seat of Guyuan.
16. try its best to collect and create good sentences.
17. Beichuan Middle School is located in the mountains about 500 meters from the county seat.
18. He was walking along the blacktop that followed the river upstream to the county seat of Hargrave.
19. Ye BU Xiang County is located in the center, away from county seat 10 kilometers north.
20. After a tense standoff, the marchers agreed to board government buses to Deyang, the county seat.
21. Hiramatsu Heshun County is located in Hopewell Township, Village East, 15 kilometers from the county seat.
22. Large-sized Dragon-Tiger Embayment Tourism-oriented Parking Lot , 2 km southwest to J jaxian County seat , is planned to be located within Dragon-Tiger Embayment Ecological Scenic Spot .
23. Four is the crime day by day specialization, Five, commits a crime the place from the major and medium city to the county seat, the market town, the countryside and the remote border district spread.
24. In 1982, it happened to me in Melbourne, the county seat of Izard County in north Arkansas.
25. County is located in central, water - Su Valley , 12 kilometers from the county seat.
26. Longtan Valley is located 15 kilometers north city is the county seat.
27. Dustpan Baojing County is located in rural south - west of Central, 35 km from the county seat.
28. Rural Village People's Government in the mountains, 30 km from the county seat.
29. Yin resident of the township government Kawamura, 11 km northwest from the county seat.
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