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Cot death in a sentence

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Similar words: at death's doorgreat deala great dealdeathto deathdeathlydeath campdeath rateMeaning: n. sudden and unexpected death of an apparently healthy infant during sleep. random good picture
1. The New Zealand cot death study was a nationwide case-control study carried out from 1 November 1987 to 31 October 1990.
2. In July 1990 a television advertisement by the Cot Death Association advised against placing infants to sleep prone.
3. Try not to let the worry of cot death affect the first few months getting to know your new baby.
4. Cot death, or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, is also directly related to smoking.
5. In developed countries, cot death is the main cause of death between the ages of one week and one year.
6. The phenomenon of cot death has yet to be explained.
7. A new machine no bigger than a 10p piece could help save babies from cot death.
8. The study showed a significant correlation between the baby's sleeping position and the risk of cot death.
9. The results of this study suggest that the incidence of cot death can be reduced.
10. The two changes in infant care practice had a temporal relation with mass publicity accompanying fund raising for the Cot Death Association.
11. He says the sun will only shine on him if it rains for at least a month. Cot death mix-up.
12. This may give some clues on how overheating contributes to cot death.
13. High Road has tackled all kinds of issues from pit bull terrier fighting to cot death in order to illuminate character.
14. He appears to have removed entire systems of organs from cot death children[], but most were never used in
15. Doctors have found a new clue to the riddle of cot death.
16. Regardless of whether you agree with the methodology of Spock, no one can deny that many children probably died of cot death as a result of his advice to put babies to sleep on their stomachs.
17. A baby whose mother smoked during pregnancy runs a higher risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome - known in the UK as Cot Death), as does an infant who is exposed to secondhand smoke.
18. Maternal smoking remains one of the biggest risk factors for cot death.
19. The danger of feeding babies formula or pasteurized milk, devoid of enzymes, can be seen to be a major factor in the cot death problem .
20. However, studies linking bed-sharing with an increased risk of cot death and fears that a mother will roll over and smother her child means that women are generally advised against this.
21. Research also indicates they are also at higher risk of cot death.
22. But, its side effect also shows distinguish itself in very much in many types of antipsychotics, such as: fat, the blood sugar going up, blood fat , cot death , the diabetes etc.
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