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Cost structure in a sentence

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1. Production costs are estimated by using the cost structure in Figure 3.4.
2. But getting the internal cost structure right for the 1990s has not simply been a case of manning level reductions.
3. Of these, only cost structure directly relates to financial control; the remaining factors cover non-financial and external issues.
4. Standardize the product cost structure and cost reduction.
5. Responsible for completely understanding main supplier's products cost structure, and processing business negotiation with suppliers.
6. As a result, Schulman said Virgin's current cost structure could have some flexibility to allow it to reduce call prices further if the economy became much worse.
7. Through the lamp box of the running cost structure will also be further reduced.
8. Experience with manufacturing working environment. Understanding department cost structure.
9. Reasonable cost structure and accounting standards are the basis of correctly analyzing the production management.
10. Improve the current cost structure or mix.
11. The cost structure shifted downward, and economies of scale declined.
12. Different user is put in different cost structure.
13. A substantial part of the cost structure for a permanent mold process foundry is tooling cost.
14. Financial Sensitivity of the factory manufacture cost structure.
15. Electronic products accounting for material increases in the cost structure.
16. Airline cost structure is to point to each cost factor the scale in totle drilling cost.
17. The cause of inefficiency lied in the irrational cost structure of the hospitals and their cost of idleness expenditures to varying degrees.
18. Drugs have a totally different cost structure.
19. This had enabled the glass company to maintain a cost structure well out of line with the marketplace.
20. The senior and middle managers whose salaries contributed heavily to the top-heavy cost structure that ostensibly prohibited competitive pricing?
21. Through value chain analysis, explains hospital value chain's creating process and hospital cost structure.
22. Viktor richened cuckler and other u . s. business - to - cost structure adjustment will be made next year.
23. China Entertainment TV during the ongoing optimization of the internal cost structure, improve the signal coverage.
24. Another factor that will impact the com - petitive environment of an industry is the cost structure.
24. try its best to collect and build good sentences.
25. Pls show me the cost breakdown to identify your cost structure.
26. "We will not be able to meet demand for solar energy given the current cost structure," Hamano said.
27. Analysing the criterion of the anti - tax evasion's economic meaning, cost structure and cost controlling. "
28. Either you have to cut price (and that implies a commensurate cut in the cost structure) or you have to cut distribution to restore the exclusivity of the brand.
29. Revenue generation and margins - how revenue is generated (sales, leasing, subscription, support, etc.), the cost structure, and target profit margins.
30. Hunter and his team are not going to intentionally undermine the negotiating power of those players to appease an ownership group that desperately wants to get its cost structure in line.
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