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Cossack in a sentence

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Sentence count:26Posted:2017-08-11Updated:2017-08-11
Similar words: pass acrossmassacremass actioncossetsackgossamerglossarycolossalMeaning: ['kɒsæk] n. a member of a Slavic people living in southern European Russia and Ukraine and adjacent parts of Asia and noted for their horsemanship and military skill; they formed an elite cavalry corps in czarist Russia. random good picture
1. The men had been dressed in traditional Cossack outfits.
2. During the eighteenth century the irregular Cossack hosts were gradually brought under control and absorbed into the regular army.
3. “Idiot!” says the Cossack, beating the Jew with a stick. “How dare you waste good food on a lowly chicken!”
4. A new Ukrainian state, the Cossack Hetmanate, was established during the mid-17th century after an uprising against the Poles.
5. The Cossack village has been shrinking since Stalin’s purges.
6. “What are you feeding that chicken?” asks the Cossack.
7. Russian Cossack dancing is followed by break-dancing and an interpretive scarf dance.
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8. Piotr Golovin, the Cossack governor of Yakutsk, hung men on meat hooks when yasak quotas went unfulfilled.
9. Look at this Cossack of the Cossack Life - Guards!
10. Oprishnik ( Russian Cossack light cavalry ): now he does more damage vs . buildings than Hussars .'Bout time.
11. He was in the ordinary Don Cossack uniform, wearing knee-boots and greatcoat, and had saddle-bags slung at the back of his saddle.
12. The Cossack Hetmanate, a Ukrainian state comprised of wild-spirited independent fighters lead by Hetman Bohdan Khmelnytsky.
13. It was an urgent entreaty from the Cossack leader that made up his mind.
14. A Cossack and passers-by watch Patriarch Alexy II, head of the Russian Orthodox Church, leaving a polling station during the presidential election(, 1996.
15. On the third day, the Cossack again asks, “What are you feeding that chicken?”
16. Soon, Chmielnicki's Ukraine, on the decree of the Cossack military council, signed an alliance with Muscovy in 1654 and jointly attacked Poland and Lithuania.
17. On the top was a pole wrapped in straw which could be ignited by the cossack sentry in case of enemy incursion.
18. After the uproar created by Nicholas Tolstoy over the Cossack repatriations, the fringe groups had been taken very seriously.
19. A spare mount had been brought and Victor was ordered, under the sharp blade of a Cossack sword, to mount.
20. “How dare you feed a fine Russian chicken such lowly food!” says the Cossack, and hits the Jew with a stick.
21. He also struck a deal with Mazeppa, one of the Ukrainian Cossack leaders, who was eager to cast off the Russian yoke.
22. Another 1, 000 kilometers brings one to the regional capital of Chita, an old Cossack center.
23. Just before him lay right across the empty space down the middle, on the bare floor, a sick man, probably a Cossack, for his hair was cut round in basin shape.
24. thei adhere about in the appearance boilerplate while newer cossack trend came by and by.
25. Getting on board the fur trend, Fearne Cotton walks the wintry streets of London in a white Russian cossack hat.
26. The horse he was riding was of the Don breed, bought of a Cossack on the march. A crushed hussar cap was stuck jauntily back on one side of his head.
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