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Coriaceous in a sentence

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Sentence count:23Posted:2018-04-29Updated:2018-05-26
Similar words: herbaceousvinaceousarenaceoussebaceouscurvaceousfarinaceouscretaceouscarbonaceousMeaning: [‚kɒrɪ'eɪʃəs] adj. resembling or made to resemble leather; tough but pliable. random good picture
1. Coriaceous sofa, appearing a majesty. But the back of a chair that aleatoric angle tilts, inclined lay down have inarticulate comfortable.
2. All over the human body, the most coriaceous and forceful muscle is tongue.
3. In wintry day, because, the sofa of coriaceous , annatto always is " chill " and those who suffer people complain.
4. Coriaceous steroid also commonly used at treating obstacle of second birth of pure red blood cell, this kind of anaemia also has immune function constantly disorder.
5. Mucous sex oedema and hypophysis function drop, adrenal coriaceous function drops reaching sexual gland function to be not worth is clinical appear the most easily anaemic endocrine disease.
6. As a result coriaceous bone is in all and akin variant 12 months after art can see have the sign that is united in wedlock with host character, false body secures stability.
7. The side effect of coriaceous hormone is very much, some are relatively serious also, before applying so must count the cost, careful consideration suits card, dosage and the time that use drug.
8. Additional, some real wood have coriaceous stuff on furniture, consumer also should let his make clear likewise dermal, which one part is dermal.
9. Convention application antibiotic and eye of art of water of coriaceous steroid eye ointment or eyedrops, continuously 2 weeks.
10. Because reflection arc is the influence with head bearing surname, coriaceous cerebra, this is.
11. Socialism serves as a kind of politics ideological still have coriaceous vitality.
12. Those who resemble the train like swaying, he exerts all his strength what the ground uses an expanse is coriaceous cloth swinging a knife goes strickle his razor.
13. The dream is to be inMorpheusWhen, a few not by complete low-key coriaceous cell group working place causes.
14. Every has the patient with not complete function of kidney of hypertensive, arteriosclerosis, heart Ying Shen uses sugar coriaceous hormone.
15. The recreational corner of the bedroom, black cloth art ground lamp is tie-in and coriaceous single person sofa and footrest, arranged the good place of individual have a rest.
16. When chroma of serum Potassium ion is elevatory, can promote adrenal coriaceous secrete aldehyde solid ketone, make potassium is excreted thereby increase, make potassium ion chroma returns to normal.
17. Usable response rate and build differentiation low-key exact extent comes assess is coriaceous functionary restores a situation.
18. Can brush the ointment of antibiosis material, or contain suprarenal and coriaceous hormonal ointment.
19. If response rate is fixed or accelerate, differentiation ability changeless or rise, explain coriaceous rehabilitation is good.
20. "Shirker " the appearance is greatly filler cloth sits bag, outer use more coriaceous or canvas.
21. X line is diagnosed on visible kidney configuration is unusual, kidney small cup becomes blunt round, coriaceous part has kidney scar sex caves etc.
22. Have disease mostly very urgent, the recognizant obstacle with rapid serious generation or companion have go cerebrum is coriaceous and integrated proof.
23. Because theine can be excited central nervous, enhance the excited process with coriaceous cerebra, achieve hearten spirit thereby, eliminate the fatigue, goal that improves labor efficiency.
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