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Convertor in a sentence

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Sentence count:34Posted:2018-01-11Updated:2018-01-11
Similar words: convertconvertedconverterconvertingconvertibleconvertible bondinterconvertibleconversion factorMeaning: n. a device for changing one substance or form or state into another. random good picture
1. The convertor station is one of critical facilities in direct current transmission engineering construction.
2. The four-quadrant convertor experiment which is under the transient direct current control has been finished. The experimental result proves the correctness of the analysis conclusion.
3. With the convertor sludge as raw material and with mixed binding of organic and inorganic binding agent, high quality sludge pellet was prepared by crumby pressing and low temperature calcination.
4. TECH · NIC traction convertor created the innovation era of AC motor transmission.
5. Plato Video To Audio Convertor is a program to extract audio from video files.
6. Contains number system convertor, so you can easily convert between decimal, hexadecimal, octal and binary numbers.
7. The convertor consists of double-ridge wave-guide, crossbeam structure and low-loss varactor diode.
8. The direct convertor is fact, but with little accuracy.
9. The convertor has interfaces of GSM protocol and RS - 232 standard.
10. Analog to Digital Convertor ( ADC ) simulation complete source code, has been tested.
11. Based on control convertor, decreasing heating time and increasing efficiency, considerable economical benefits have been obtained.
12. The article gives you the reason of convertor corrosion and anti - corrosion method.
13. The article introduced the application of frequency convertor of - driven deep - well cargo pump on a chemical tanker.
14. Speed is increased by using high speed A/D convertor and frame memorizer.
14. is a sentence dictionary, on which you can find nice sentences for a large number of words.
15. The thermoelectric convertor makes use of this differential to generate an electric current.
16. The model included standard goodies such as electric windows and mirrors all round, power steering, central locking and catalytic convertor.
17. Experimental results indicate that the crude copper composition in current copper convertor can be quickly and precisely determined by the proposed soft-sensing model.
18. The utility model comprises a SCM provided with A/D convertor and 3 rotor magnet steel position sensor signals taken from the counter electromotive force of the motor rotor winding.
19. An antenna was developed to radiate high power, sub nanosecond EM pulse, which consists of a high power wideband mode convertor, a wire frame TEM horn feedback set and a parabolic reflector.
20. The means of soft - start and frequency conversion control by convertor was introduced.
21. The paper mainly introduces the technology of adjusting speed of convertor and its superiority.
22. The new technology of using air quench to treat basic slag of convertor is related.
23. Two methods of rapid code acquisition based on FFT are presented, one method is based on fractional multiple sampling rate convertor, and the other is based on decimation .
24. In the designing of photometric analyzer, the 16 bit program-controlled A/D conversion is realized by using V/F convertor and programmable counter. The logarithm conversion is performed by software.
25. This paper designs a S-band feed system for HPM antenna, which consists of a dual-mode conical horn and a rectangular-circular mode convertor.
26. DYJ-1 mixing type inhibitor presents an excellent corrosion inhibition efficency to chlorethylene convertor.
27. This paper introduces an automatic range switching technique for a dual integration A/D convertor in wide range measurement.
28. The results show that there are fractal and chaos features in the crude copper composition time series from the copper convertor.
29. The laser pulse modulation system consists of cavity dumper driver, matching net and acoustooptic energy convertor.
30. A separate - controlled AC - DC - AC power load simulator is designed adopting the principle of voltage type PWM convertor.
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