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Conversion rate in a sentence

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Sentence count:52Posted:2018-06-18Updated:2018-06-18
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1. The food conversion rate on roughage or forage is good.
2. Dealerco to inform Manelux of dealer conversion rate, number of outlets, staffing levels and worker morale.
3. This allowed a conversion rate to be calculated, calibrating the racemization rate for that site.
4. Energy conversion rate was higher because of the feedback of materials in the system.
5. May I copy the list of foreign currency conversion rate?
6. Strictly, it is the variety of conversion rate that lead to dynamic adjustment of target asset-liability ratio.
7. Now the conversion rate of agricultural science and technology in China is only about 30 % to 40 %.
8. The project can ensure conversion rate of catalyst and reduce the decline of power of engine.
9. The sputum conversion rate after treated for 3 months did not significantly change with prolongs treatment.
10. Conversion rate and content of dipolymer of styrene in the liquid product increases with the increase of temperature under operating conditions respectively.
11. The dividend rate, conversion rate and other terms have yet to be set.
12. It is possible to predict and controll the conversion rate of esterifications such as acrylic acid with dodecanol, tetradecanol and hexadecanol by this equation.
13. First up, the gold - to - money conversion rate is a fixed value in the defines file.
14. The number of shares of stock into which the bond may be converted is known as the conversion rate.
15. If there is conversion from memory to naive phenotype, the conversion rate will be significantly greater than zero.
16. The increases of reaction temperature and loadage of palladium or the decreases of NO flowrate can increase the decomposition conversion rate of NO.
17. The results show that catalysts have higher activities, reaction time being short[], higher conversion rate of propanoic acid.
18. Compared with general fat-soluble vitamin, it has an increased utilization rate by 10% and features increase of immune power for animals and fowls, acceleration of growth, and high conversion rate.
19. The process of this method is relatively complicated, its advantage is vicinal diol's total selectivity reached 85%, when the conversion rate of unsaturated fatty acid methyl ester was 98%.
20. The catalyst prepared by said invented method has high conversion rate and high selectivity for synthesizing cycloolefine by means of aromatic selective hydrogenation.
21. In this example, the card A takes as input a stock symbol and outputs the stock quote in US dollars, and card B outputs the currency conversion rate from US dollars to Japanese yen.
22. The catalyst of the invention is used for catalytic cracking of heavy oil, the conversion rate is high, the yield of gasoline is high and the coke yield is low.
23. After optimization, (S)-ethyl mandelate with 92.4% ee value was obtained when the substrate conversion rate reached 56%.
23. try its best to gather and make good sentences.
24. However, extending the upper frequency of such function signal generator is limited by the read-out time of the memory and the conversion rate of the digital-to-analog converter.
25. The invention solves the technical problem of providing a method for preparing trichlorosilane from tetrachlorosilane with higher conversion rate.
26. It was revealed by the experiment that the heating curve control affected the conversion rate largely, therefore it must be standardized and unified.
27. As shown by results, phosphite in cathodal cell was really converted into hypophosphite to a certain extent but its conversion rate was low due to the confinement of decomposition voltage.
28. The liquefaction experiment results showed that the oil production rate and conversion rate of the vitrain would be higher than the fusain.
29. With the rising of heating rate the reaction rate increases, while volatiles conversion rate decreases.
30. In conclusion, this study showed that DMTB patients had higher cavitary lesions of lungs and bacterial load, but a slower sputum conversion rate and a trend of less responsive tuberculin skin test.
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