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Converse in a sentence

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Synonym: communicate withdiscusstalkSimilar words: conversionconversationconvertconveyoverseeadversereversediverseMeaning: [kən'vɜːs] n. a proposition obtained by conversion. v. carry on a conversation. adj. 1. of words so related that one reverses the relation denoted by the other 2. turned about in order or relation. random good picture
1. She enjoyed the chance to converse with someone who spoke her language.
2. He's willing to converse with anyone about the quotations on the stock market.
3. However, the converse of this theory may also be true.
4. The two deaf actors converse solely in signing.
5. 'He is happy but not rich' is the converse of 'He is rich but not happy'.
6. Building new roads increases traffic and the converse is equally true:reducing the number and size of roads means less traffic.
7. They continue to converse at cross purposes and wonder why their numerous conversations never seem to get anywhere or resolve any disagreement.
8. It was supposed to be bottled water(, but Converse knew for a fact that the porter filled it from the tap.
9. Converse watched Danskin close his eyes and breathe carefully.
10. Converse had salved his ear in vaseline and bandaged it with cotton and gauze.
11. A converse example was also seen in which two separate loops brightened and merged.
12. Converse drank deeply of his martini.
13. Through the bedroom window, Converse could see Mr Roche hosing down the lawn behind his bungalow.
14. When I got there, Converse, I was in a dungeon.
15. Any Conservative you care to converse with will predict a close contest at the next election.
16. He sat down, and people began to converse loudly with one another.
17. For a moment Converse thought that she would blow her nose on him.
18. Converse purchased a pint of Gold Leaf Cognac to cultivate the management.
19. Converse felt that he was being offered a choice of responses.
20. When Converse described his adventures in the motel kitchenette, the lawyer shrugged and smiled in an irritating manner.
21. In the US, you drive on the right hand side of the road, but in Britain the converse applies.
22. I wanted to appear friendly and approachable but I think I gave the converse impression.
23. Some teachers welcomed the change; but for the majority of teachers, the converse was true .
24. It is possible , of course , that the converse of this theory may also be true.
25. What you do for a living is critical to where you settle and how you live — and the converse is also true.
26. He says she is satisfied, but I believe the converse to be true: she is very dissatisfied.
27. If the project is successful, Dourif will get the credit, but the converse is also true; he will get the blame if it fails.
28. How I wish that but once before you banish me we might converse together on fragrant subjects!
29. Showered, under the ceiling fan in his room at the Coligny, Converse woke to the telephone.
30. The guiding principle of the Okapi research is that the system must adapt itself to the user rather than the converse.
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