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Conversant in a sentence

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Synonym: conversantfamiliarSimilar words: conversationconversationalconverseconverselyconversionreconversionconvertconvergeMeaning: [-sənt] adj. (usually followed by `with') well informed about or knowing thoroughly. 
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1. Staff members are conversant with the issues.
2. You need to become fully conversant with the company's procedures.
3. Those in business are not, on the whole, conversant with basic scientific principles.
4. I'm not conversant with the rules of chess.
5. Mr. Taylor is thoroughly conversant with modern music.
6. Kim was conversant in Russian.
7. Nelson was engaging, pleasant, and nicely conversant with the psychologist.
8. They also need to be conversant with the main developments taking place in further and continuing education.
9. At a rational level, and fully conversant with contraceptive methods, they know their fear is unwarranted.
10. Are you fully conversant with the facts of the case?
11. Candidates should be conversant with international economic and financial issues and have practical experience using personal computers.
12. Most of us are conversant with modems, microchips, and software packages.
13. I am conversant with Gibbon, Toynbee, your better class of historians.
14. Eban is conversant in 10 languages.
15. Somehow a leader conversant with his own failings wouldn't be as affected by the moral self-approval that afflicts most political movements.
16. What a Golconda is he conversant with,[] thawing his fingers over such a blaze!
17. I'm not conversant with chemistry because I've never studied it.
18. He became conversant in English, and could crack wise on Jimmy Kimmel's show or play pitchman for Visa.
19. I'm not conversant with the theory behind this new fuel converter.
20. Our manager is conversant with account system.
21. Conversant with engine manuals, technical publications and documentation control procedures.
22. We become the most conversant stranger in the world.
23. The conductor is conversant with all of the instruments of the orchestra.
24. It was also inevitable that such an innovator would come from within the industry and be fully conversant with all its conventions.
25. But most of all she did her homework, poring over position papers so she could be conversant on the issues.
26. He was never to become a party member, and was not conversant with Marxist ideas in 1922.
27. Both driver and staff working at the operating centre need to be fully conversant with effective maintenance procedures.
28. Karpov has played this sequence many times before and should have been fully conversant with its manifold nuances.
29. Havel, an intellectual with many contacts in the West, is conversant with various analyses of modern and postmodern conditions.
30. She was extremely suspicious, but gracious, delighted to find so many bright and conversant women interested in meeting her.
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