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Contractive in a sentence

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Sentence count:23Posted:2018-09-14Updated:2018-09-14
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1. What goes blain, the product of contractive pore?
2. When file space is contractive, released partial space.
3. Massive hemoperitoneum and contractive spleen on CT might be indicated rupture of solid organ.
4. The parameters of contractive transformations are simplified by a concise fractal iteration form with geometric meaning.
5. In this paper, we give a more general contractive condition.
6. Sensitive cell is contractive, still have so that treat?
7. Conclusion The little dosage's garlicin enhances myocardium contractive, but the large dosage's garlicin inhibits myocardium contractive.
8. Finally the paper applies the contractive mapping genetic algorithm to search the equilibrium point of TH neural network in a quadratic programming computing for the first time.
9. Methods The contractive amplitude, frequency, and mobility of ileac smooth muscle in rats caused by Palm Bud were recorded by BL-420E experimental system.
10. The contractive rates on both sides in symmetric part were basically of the same for horizontal pouring while of extreme difference for vertical pouring.
11. Lightsome, frivolous, without massiness feeling, contractive pore, flaw of effective cover skin.
12. The snake that contains in beer is pitted it is a kind of refrigerant, can prevent a face not only blister, pustular ,[] also have very good effect to contractive pore.
13. Because air cooling still can make muscle is in nervous and contractive condition, cannot rest adequately flabbily , morrow can feel fatigued and systemic ache, faint.
14. The results indicate that the starting characteristics of hypersonic inlet is greatly influenced by inner contractive ratio, the first wedge angle and the blunted wedge of the cowl.
15. Somebody reports recently, classics experiment considers to discover, the heighten of hemal pressurization element in patient blood may be to cause a the uterus is unusually contractive main factor.
16. Detailed into each move, move one is expansive; move two is contractive to establish a research gap; in move three, the frequency of contractibility and expansibility is similar.
17. If you operate apt word, stick nasally with this, not only can pull out black head, and OK and contractive pore, the bazoo that won't buy with you is stuck like pull pore big.
18. In this paper, we introduce some new concepts, and study random solution of random operator equation of 1 set contractive type.
19. Cirsium japonicum DC(CJDC)has an inhibition of heart rate and contractive force in isolated hearts of toads and rabbits.
20. The non - linear transforms satisfy a theory of contractive iterated image transformations.
21. With the topological degree , the fixed theorems for upper semicontinuous set - valued 1 - set - contractive mapping is studied.
22. Abdominal law: Inspiratory when loosen abdominal muscle, expiratory when contractive abdominal muscle, such thresh 3 minutes.
23. This kind of wave may increase the excitability of muscular tissue and have a fine stimulative and contractive effect on the striated muscle.
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