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Contractility in a sentence

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Sentence count:25Posted:2018-01-12Updated:2018-01-12
Similar words: contractibilitycontractual liabilitycontractilecontractingcontractionintractabilitymuscle contractionprivity of contractMeaning: n. the capability or quality of shrinking or contracting, especially by muscle fibers and even some other forms of living matter. random good picture
1 After aerobic training, the contractility of left ventricles is increased. Therefore, the stroke volume is increased.
2 The influence of inosine on the contractility of isolated papillary muscle indicated that it had a direct, positive inotropic action on the myocardium.
3 Their effect on cardiac contractility has not been assessed directly.
4 Objective To characterize the isometric contractility of Bufo gastrocnemius ex vivo in light of the rest tension.
5 This would facilitate the calculation of peristaltic velocity and the speed of contractility of gut smooth muscle with high temporal resolution.
6 Conclusions - Junctin is an essential regulator of sarcoplasmic reticulum Ca release and contractility in normal hearts.
7 BK _ ( Ca ) channel plays an important role in regulating smooth muscle contractility and maintaining membrane potential ...
8 Objective: Explore the value of phonocardiogram exercise test (PCGET) to evaluating cardiac contractility.
9 The term inotropic is commonly used in discussing changes in myocardial contractility.
10 Therefore, development of phonocardiogram analysis instrument is very important to study the regularity of real-time heart sound and analyze the cardiac contractility variability in various states.
11 The physiology character of cardiac muscle includes stimulant, autonomic sex, conductibility and contractility.
12 Objective The effect of middle molecular substance(MMS)from the plasma of uraemia patients on rat's myocardial contractility and its mechanism was investigated.
13 The exsomatized sample of mouse myometrium was prepared by conventional methods and the contractility of myometrium was detected by muscular tension energy transducer.
14 Static exercise increases blood pressure and heart rate,[] but it may change myocardial contractility.
15 Objective To observe the effects of polyphenol from pomegranate peel on the heart rate and cardiac contractility of Bufo gargarizans in vivo.
16 Phonocardiogram exercise testing (PCGET) is a method through applying a phonocardiograph to evaluate cardiac contractility and the cardiac reserve.
17 AIM :To determine the relationship between microhistology and cardiac contractility in myocarditis animal model.
18 CONCLUSION: Baoxin capsules can improve myocardial ischemia and increase the cardiac contractility.
19 Our research is to study the effects of chloral hydrate on the contractility of isolated skeleton muscle in toads.
20 A monitoring system based on the relationship between cardiac contractility and heart sound was developed.
21 The amplitude of first heart sound is a normal measurement of cardiac contractility, and phonocardiogram (PCG) can be used in the study of cardiac contractility reserve.
22 We inestigated functional coupling of the receptors by measuring contractility in isolated trabeculae stimulated with increasing concentrations of angiotensin II.
23 Middle molecular substances(MMS) were gel-chromagraphically separated from the plasma of uraemia patients[], and then injected into rats' tail veins to study the effect on myocardial contractility.
24 To observe the effect of Shenmai injection on the heart beat, myocardial contractility , blood flow of coronary artery of isolated guinea-pig hearts.
25 Cardiac troponin C and cardiac troponin I are linked to actin and tropomyosin by cardiac troponin T, which play an important role in cardiac contractility and relaxation.
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