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Consumerism in a sentence

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Sentence count:65Posted:2017-02-02Updated:2017-02-02
Similar words: consumerconsumeconsumingconsummateconsumptionmesmeriseconsultconsensusMeaning: [-mərɪzəm] n. 1. the theory that an increasing consumption of goods is economically beneficial 2. a movement advocating greater protection of the interests of consumers. 
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(1) They have clearly embraced Western consumerism.
(2) American shopping malls and supermarkets are palaces of consumerism.
(3) These will be grouped under four heads decentralisation, consumerism and participation, self help and joint action.
(4) The culture-ideology of consumerism in the Third World will be the subject of Chapter 5.
(5) From this hollowness green consumerism springs.
(6) Consumerism, the modern goldmine and pipeline, roll merrily along.
(7) Waste became a hallmark of consumerism.
(8) Here, perhaps, green consumerism can try to get us to eat tuna that has been caught in a wildlife-friendly way!
(9) It remains to be seen how quickly green consumerism, that most middle class of activities, can sort this out.
(10) Green Believers must quicken these connections. Green consumerism is a hopeful token of more substantial change.
(11) Green consumerism is a hopeful token of more substantial change.
(12) And green consumerism is a step in the right direction.
(13) Consumerism has all too evident limits.
(14) As far as consumerism is concerned(sentencedict .com), discrimination against older people will only disappear as their cash flowing through the tills influences change.
(15) The culture-ideology of consumerism produces the values and attitudes that create and sustain the need for the products.
(16) Consumerism has led to high expectations and increased litigation, which in turn has led to increasingly expensive professional indemnity insurance.
(17) The extreme western edge of the square has the now compulsory big city billboards extolling the virtues of consumerism.
(18) In this sense the policy represents the essence of consumerism.
(19) Our high desires for spiritual reality are transmuted into the sordid quest for consumerism and materialism.
(20) The connections between global capitalism and the culture-ideology of consumerism must be laid bare.
(21) They have prayed for new ways to effect transformation and green consumerism has been revealed to them.
(22) The speeding up of modernity began with the start of modern consumerism.
(23) Thus, females tend to be more susceptible to the pressures of the market and the forces of consumerism than males.
(24) The medium is the message because the message, the culture and ideology of consumerism, has engulfed the medium.
(25) But he was sniffily dismayed at their delight in consumerism and sheep-like attitude to the reactionary rubbish in the papers.
(26) Here protection was being offered to the husband, but also to the wife against her apparently uncontrollable consumerism.
(27) There have been attempts to depict this extraordinary achievement as a form of musical consumerism.
(28) The Eastern Bloc has been transformed into a gigantic Enterprise Zone for western capitalists eager to reap the benefits of suppressed consumerism.
(29) We shall have to wait for the year 2017 to see what the culture-ideology of consumerism makes of the Bolshevik revolution!
(30) The question is whether, having raised the issue, green consumerism then legitimises a half-baked response.
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