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Construal in a sentence

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Sentence count:16Posted:2018-01-16Updated:2018-01-16
Similar words: menstrualpremenstrualmenstrual cyclepremenstrual syndromeconstrueconstructconstruction industrymisconstrueMeaning: n. an interpretation of the meaning of something; the act of construing. 
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1. The independent and interdependent self - construal variables were entered simultaneously in order to test the hypotheses.
2. Construal Level Theory (CLT) is a social cognitive theory which was used to account for how psychological distance influences individuals' thoughts and choices.
3. According to the construal level theory (CLT) of psychological distance, anything that we do not experience as occurring now, here, and to ourselves falls into the "psychologically distant" category.
4. Based on the cognitive linguistic construal of metonymy, this paper analyzes and exemplifies the metonymic nature of discourse titles that takes on two senses.
5. Among the factors that stand out in the Orphic construal of a cosmos is the nature of time.
6. Further, a fundamental aspect of the context is the young child's construal of the adult's words and actions.
7. Is de Man now going to tell us that his liberal construal of Rousseau carries the authority of objective validity?
8. Finally, the author proposes a formal model of discourse construal from a generative holistic perspective.
9. Metaphor is not only a cognitive mechanism but also method of text construal.
10. The syntax of a linguistic unit represents the specific construal adopted as well as its conceptual organization.
11. It's not hard to see the convergence between the idea of'psychological distance'and high - level construal.
12. Experimenters used the'student survey'as a cover to manipulate levels of construal.
13. The second one, based on the concept of mental representation,[] investigated the effect of construal level on choice preference.
14. This thesis explores the effects of temporal distance and social distance on the stability of MR and G in a frame of construal level theory (CLT).
15. However, these results are less ambiguous in regard to the independent self - construal scale.
16. That is, given the modal intuitions, it's necessary that all and only water is H2O according to the metaphysical construal of necessity.
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