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Constraining in a sentence

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Similar words: constrainconstraintconstrainedunconstrainedconstrainedlytrainingretrainingbasic trainingMeaning: [kən'streɪn] adj. restricting the scope or freedom of action. random good picture
1. He was constraining his mind not to wander from the task.
2. Childless, they were free, not constrained - constraining - links between birth and death.
3. Sixthly, the role of prudence in constraining the activities of states especially when there was a perceived balance of power.
4. There are constraining elements affecting the owner-occupied sector, and those impinging on social housing.
5. Now what is constraining my action here?
6. We suggest that maternal undernutrition, by constraining fetal growth, may programme cardiovascular disease.
7. Sir Thomas was a constraining influence, and in his absence his daughters feel a new freedom.
8. I describe everything exactly as it took constraining my mind not to wander from the task.
9. There are many constraining factors in the developing process of small sum credit loan in China's countryside.
10. Factors constraining the development of rural residential construction are: ideas, fund sources and systems.
11. The WhiteSpace constraining facet is prohibited for' { 0 } '.
12. The Hinge Joint groups together two Rigidbodies, constraining them to move like they are connected by a hinge. It is perfect for doors, but can also be used to model chains, pendulums, etc.
13. Double dual economy is a fundamental constraining condition for the ecological restoration compensation system.
14. The design adopts the circuit for constraining the in-phase signal, in order to improve the system's CMRR .
15. By constraining terminal mode to be zero, the stability of MPC system is analyzed.
16. The low carbon agenda is not about constraining development space but about expanding it.
17. People perceive the world as though it were guiding and constraining them.
18. Ideally continuity systems will be positive aids that enhance organizations' flexibility without overly constraining individuals.
19. Therefore firms may respond to high-paced information change by constraining search process time.
20. It seemed to be the perfect solution - contraception without constraining the fountain of male pleasure.
21. The holist is enlightened by an account of the factors constraining people's actions.
22. It was a part which had only grown up in her recently and whose constraining effect she resented very much.
23. It may seem too much like confinement, a denial of individual enterprise and the constraining of intuition into patterns of conformity.
24. Neither the market nor the internal structuring of power within the company is accepted as a viable means of constraining managerial power.
25. As a geological tracer, ore lead ( Pb ) isotopes play an important role constraining ore - forming material sources.
25. is a sentence dictionary, on which you can find excellent sentences for a large number of words.
26. A new welding torch was designed for ultra - narrow welding with flux strips constraining arc.
27. If they would serve their fellow-men, let them do it by making manifest the power and reality of conscience, in constraining them to penitential self-abasement!
28. As a result, it is feasible for using decision-tree approach to solve large scale resource allocation problem under constraining number of illuminator.
29. Finally, the erosion in consumer balance sheets has prompted lender curbs on home equity and revolving credit lines, further constraining consumers.
30. They both have a document data model, and that's very constraining.
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