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Constant acceleration in a sentence

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Sentence count:21Posted:2018-01-08Updated:2018-01-08
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(1) In other words, the gravity drop is a constant acceleration and the hand is accelerating, even during the key drop.
(2) Abstract: The study of constant acceleration test was presented, and the problems in test were discussed.
(3) In this paper, the piecewise functions of constant acceleration, combined cycloid and combined parabola starting processes with sloping segments are put forward firstly.
(4) It focuses on parameter measurement for constant acceleration overdamped coil type geophones.
(5) Constant acceleration start way is suggested by controlling the current phases.
(6) Mechanics models of load constant acceleration, constant speed and constant deceleration are built considering stiffness change during load moving horizontally.
(7) With the constant acceleration of informational globalization, journalistic writing which is involved in the process of news spreading is unable to adapt to the situation.
(8) Constant acceleration of globalization has brought about greater demand for highly qualified professional translators.
(9) Assuming constant acceleration, find the stopping time.
(10) Constant acceleration test is an important testing item in reliability testing, the covering up sand and the sticking on magnet are used widely which are important for this testing item.
(11) This paper generally designs a kind of constant acceleration spray nozzle, gives a method of building constant acceleration curve of equation.
(12) A calculation criterion of harmonic cam with constant acceleration for fuel injection pumps is presented.
(13) Is the well-known equation for velocity under constant acceleration. This equation is linear; the slope of the line is the acceleration.
(14) A calculation criterion of harmonic cam with constant acceleration for fuel injection pumps is presented. The cam profiles with constant acceleration section can be conveniently calculated.
(15) The second time derivative is the constant acceleration.
(16) Since all objects in this lecture hall and the earth fall with the constant acceleration, which is g we can write down that the gravitational force m would be m times this acceleration, g.
(17) In a constant electric field, a charged particle experiences constant acceleration.
(18) The previous calculation determined the acceleration of the lander assuming a constant acceleration.
(19) The apple falls the same whether Newton watched or enunciates its constant acceleration.
(20) Oftentimes the stressful pace of life in the modern world and the seemingly constant acceleration of change can drive the feeling life of the Pluto-Moon over the brink.
(21) We know the equations so well from our last lecture from one-dimensional motion with constant acceleration.
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