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Conclude in a sentence

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Synonym: assumecloseendfinishgatherinferpresumereasonstopsupposeterminateAntonym: begincommencestartSimilar words: includeconclusionexcludeincludingexcludingconcertconceptconcedeMeaning: [kən'kluːd] v. 1. decide by reasoning; draw or come to a conclusion 2. bring to a close 3. reach a conclusion after a discussion or deliberation 4. come to a close 5. reach agreement on. 
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1. We may conclude that he never had recourse to this simple experiment.
2. What do you conclude from that?
3. I wish to conclude my speech with a prayer for the continued happiness of thenewly married couple.
4. The competitors cantered into the arena to conclude the closing ceremony.
5. I would like to conclude by saying that I do enjoy your magazine.
6. If the clubs cannot conclude a deal, an independent tribunal will decide.
7. It's difficult to guess what they will conclude from the evidence.
8. Before I conclude, I'd like to thank you all for coming.
9. He conclude the negotiation with dispatch.
10. The United States and Russia hope to conclude a treaty to cut their nuclear arsenals by two-thirds.
11. Those are the facts; what do you conclude from them?
12. The failure to conclude the trade talks last December could prove a blessing in disguise.
13. To conclude , I'd like to express my thanks to my family.
14. This has made many Americans conclude that business ethics is an oxymoron.
15. We must conclude that when the distance between the molecules is very small, there are forces of repulsion.
16. The report would conclude that there was no evidence that the intelligence services were involved.
17. Are we to conclude therefore that eminence can not be allowed as a yardstick of creativity?
18. What should we conclude about the hazard from meteorite falls?
19. The trial is expected to conclude by Friday.
20. The court was driven to conclude that the jury would not necessarily have convicted had it been correctly directed.
21. Lucy could only conclude that, whatever Charlie had been saying[], it hadn't included specific mention of her name.
22. It would be wrong to conclude from this debate that science is too important to be left to politicians.
23. One might well conclude the dismissal was a feint, a hollow gesture to allay perceived public outrage.
24. It seems reasonable to conclude that people's behaviour is influenced by what they see on TV.
25. It would be wrong to conclude from this that Gandhi is opposed to conversion from one religion to another.
26. Conclusions To conclude on such a vast subject as this is not easy but I would like to make the following points.
27. The sales convention will conclude as planned on Sunday.
28. We conclude that autonomic neuropathy can affect motor functions throughout the gastrointestinal
29. We conclude, therefore, that the radical perspective on the labour process offers a far-reaching critique of conventional organisation theory.
30. We hope all danger may be overcome; but to conclude that no danger may ever arise would itself be extremely dangerous. Abraham Lincoln 
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