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Conciliate in a sentence

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Sentence count:24+2 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-11-21Updated:2016-12-13
Synonym: allayalleviatecalmmoderatepacifyquietrestrainsootheAntonym: alienateestrangeSimilar words: conciliatoryreconciliationfacilitateconcentrateconcentrate onpencilcouncilpencil boxMeaning: [kən'sɪlɪeɪt] v. 1. cause to be more favorably inclined; gain the good will of 2. come to terms 3. make compatible with. 
1 His duty was to conciliate the people, not to provoke them.
2 An independent adviser has been brought in to conciliate between the two sides involved in the conflict.
3 They tried to conciliate the natives with presents.
4 It is nearly impossible to conciliate these two disagreeing parties.
5 The President has a strong political urge to conciliate.
6 He was aware of the need to conciliate, to plead,( to attempt to explain.
7 The king, however, also had reason to conciliate the Stanleys and in 1472 the matter went to arbitration.
8 We would also suggest an attempt to conciliate Fred by returning the responsibility for special functions to him.
9 Negotiators were called in to conciliate the warring factions.
10 Clinton told Congress the administration's conciliate conciliatory policy toward Iran is not open - ended.
11 It is hard to conciliate their views.
12 It can conciliate China and the west, transfix in the ancient and modern, help to enforce and manage state affairs--- The law science blueprint what he describe have democratic(, scientific character.
13 They tried to conciliate natives with presents.
14 Its proposition conciliate Chinese and western cultures with a prudent and mild attitude is somewhat reasonable.
15 We conciliate a large customs'faith with high quality and service in these years.
16 They are both trying hard to conciliate one another.
17 He would never stoop to conciliate.
18 I should do well to conciliate this ancient Mammon of Unrighteousness.
19 Article 54 The arbitration tribunal may conciliate cases in the manner it considers appropriate.
20 William Penn wisely tried to conciliate the Indians.
21 He wanted to explain and conciliate her.
22 These changes have been made in an attempt to conciliate critics of the plan.
23 Although Rawls emphasised on the priority of private right in political Liberalism, this was no success to conciliate individual and group.
24 Lily is my only love, whose coolness and elegance conciliate my soul.
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