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Commutator in a sentence

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Sentence count:41Posted:2017-11-15Updated:2017-11-15
Similar words: commutationcommutativecommutablemutatis mutandiscommunicatorcommentatorcommuteimmutableMeaning: ['kɒmjʊteɪtə] n. switch for reversing the direction of an electric current. random good picture
1. This depends on the design of the generator commutator is required in a dc generator.
2. Using an ohmmeter check the resistance between the commutator and the armature core.
3. Commutator is a function from the rectifier.
4. Commutator and brushes shall be free of grease, or other contaminants.
5. Features: use pneumatic landscape orientation pressurization, press commutator into rotor shaft, can exactly aim at rotor slot and commutator, tooling changing conveniently.
6. There are sparks at the commutator . Please find out the trouble andit right.
7. The shape of commutator follower and U face of sleeve small end is complicate, and of high dimension accuracy demand. The machining equipment B82 NC lathe is imported form Japan.
8. By a quarter of wave length commutator principle, combining with electromagnetic wave absorb of filling material.
9. The commutator ring allows for external connection to specific windings in the rotor via the brushes.
10. Features: use air pressure to press commutator and in the meantime press armature wire head into commutator spot welding slot in one time.
10. is a online sentence dictionary, on which you can find nice sentences for a large number of words.
11. Usage: suitable for motor commutator high precision automatic lathing.
12. Usage: suitable for even number slot motor rotor commutator automatic spot welding machine.
13. Usage: suitable for precise lathing of rotor outer circle and commutator that with big shaft diameter and V block can not be used.
14. This paper is a study on the invertibility of the commutator of scalar-idempotent elements and scalar-involutory elements of a unitary ring.
15. Are sold at the entrance of the motor, DC, AC, commutator, a new, the old have.
16. Then through resolving a key operator equation, we obtain the commutator representation of this hierarchy of the soliton equations.
17. Using an ohmmeter check the resistance between the segments of the commutator.
18. This article presents a discourse upon how to construct a pint-sized campus network, involving the choice of network structure, the center commutator and layout of reticles.
19. In the paper, a mathematical model, describing the dynamic process of the electronic commutator D. C. motor, is made up and the starting and stalling performance of machine is analyzed.
20. A method in the design of a measure and control system of commutator Chiseling Machine is introduced based on laser contrast scanner and embedded numerical control device.
21. Tesla suggested that it might be possible to design a motor without a commutator.
22. Because of the electronic switch the order of conduction lines are synchronized with the rotor angle, which has played a mechanical commutator to the role exchange.
23. This is the origin of a dynamometer. AC dynamometer is usually a three-phase AC commutator motor and dynamometer, tachometer generator combination.
24. If not, the trouble must be with the surface of the commutator.
25. Furiously he tested the spark - plugs, stared at the commutator.
26. It usually appears at the RF, blade passage frequency and commutator brush frequency, and their higher harmonics.
27. It is suitable for accurate finish turning of a circular or butt - end commutator.
28. In this paper we prove the boundedness of the θ - type Calder ? ? n - Zygmund Commutator on the Triebel - Lizorkin space.
29. The portable anti-aircraft missile field training system consists of center control computer, signal commutator, collimated training missile and anti-air commanding lens.
30. Be suitable for armature winding wire head auto-pressing into the welding slot of commutator to supply the next welding process.
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