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Command in a sentence

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Synonym: bidcontroldirectenjoininstructorderpowerAntonym: compliancecomplyobediencesubmissionsubmitSimilar words: commandercommander in chiefdilemmasummarygrammarimmatureteammatesummationMeaning: [kə'mɑːnd] n. 1. an authoritative direction or instruction to do something 2. a military unit or region under the control of a single officer 3. the power or authority to command 4. availability for use 5. a position of highest authority 6. great skillfulness and knowledge of some subject or activity 7. (computer science) a line of code written as part of a computer program. v. 1. be in command of 2. make someone do something 3. demand as one's due 4. look down on 5. exercise authoritative control or power over. 
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1 He is not fit to command others that cannot command himself. 
2 If you command wisely, you'll be obeyed cheerfully. Thomas Fuller 
3 Riches serve a wise man but command a fool. 
4 He that would command must serve. 
5 When I give the command, fire!
6 The power of the wind is at your command.The balance of power must be preserved.
7 The King's request was tantamount to a command.
8 Through obedience learn to command.
9 The ability to impart knowledge and command respect is the essential qualification for teachers.
10 He issued the command to retreat.
11 Lieutenant Peters was now in command.
12 The general issued a command that all of them should come at six o'clock.
13 You should subject yourself to my command.
14 He spoke in a tone of command.
15 Command of the mother tongue is the most distinguishing mark of an educated man or woman.
16 She has a good command of the Spanish language.
17 Begin when I give the command.
18 There were many disagreements over the command of the peacekeeping forces.
19 Which graduates command the highest salaries?
20 He had an encyclopedic command of the field of knowledge, and by a word or a phase, by delicate rapier thrust,[] he punctured them.
21 The general designated an officer to the command.
22 The army is under the king's command.
23 Reimar had a fair command of English.
24 The officer roared out a command and all the soldiers stood to attention.
25 She has lost command of her senses.
26 He had authorisation from the military command to retaliate.
27 If the opposition groups manage to unite, they may command over 55% of the vote.
28 The boy do not move though the teacher reiterate her command.
29 He's studied in the US and has a good command of English.
30 After the defeat General Meyer was relieved of his command.
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