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Command line in a sentence

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Sentence count:132Posted:2018-10-10Updated:2018-10-10
Similar words: command line interfacelandlineland linetrend linetrendlinekindlinessfriendlinessunfriendlinessMeaning: n. commands that a user types in order to run an application. 
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(1) It's ideal for die-hard command line aficionados, and brings with it lots of switches and specifiers.
(2) Both are really unfriendly, as they're driven by command line switches.
(3) The QUIT command stops the command line processor, but does not remove the associated back-end process; to do that, you need to issue the TERMINATE command.
(4) The command line interface (CLI) contains the base support for developing and running applications.
(5) Using random number generator to generate a command line.
(6) The command line interface must be started from the directory where the WPTA plugin is installed.
(7) Will the release of Master Variable sheep macro command line for that?
(8) Tool Path: Specifies the command line name of the linker tool.
(9) This exits the DB2 command line processor mode so that you can change directories.
(10) It also provides a simple command line interface to interactively select the item to boot with its options.
(11) Now(, what about the long form command line options?
(12) Command line operation of Disk Defragmenter is not supported.
(13) From your operating system command line, go to the feedback directory.
(14) M asks for the most recent historical command line that contains an uppercase letter M.
(15) Since a command line interface cannot provide graphic pictures of the file system structure, it must have a different way of representing it.
(16) When executed from a command line, the program reads the XML content from a file into a string variable.
(17) Command Line (or Prompt) This is where the application prompts you to take some sort of action in the Document Design Window or enter data in the command input box.
(18) Functions are callable from the command line, too, and fill the gap between an alias and a full-blown script.
(19) Mercifully, the Windows shell offers you tick boxes instead of command line switches to make life a little easier.
(20) You have not included the name of the batch queue in the command line.
(21) The final mode is described as Command mode, and, essentially, gives command line access to the FastLynx program.
(22) The IP router card supports two configuration modes: Console command line configuration and network command line configuration.
(23) For more flexibility, the application can read the class name from the command line or use the parameterless createXMLReader().
(24) A function can contain one or more commands, and the special variable $argv automatically expands to the list of arguments passed on the original command line.
(25) Execute the migration.xml either inside Rational Developer Application V7, or use headless mode to run it on a command line.
(26) Alternatively, you can place source code under the /java directory structure and use the zero compile command from the command line to compile it.
(27) Click on the Extract / Deploy through Pipe Load button, or run the unload script from the command line window.
(28) Without Data Studio Administrator, you would have to issue the unload command from the operating system command line.
(29) This determines how the option is formatted for inclusion in the global command line.
(30) In order for you to administer these different resources, the appliance provides both a graphical user interface and a command line interface.
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