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Come along in a sentence

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Sentence count:128+3 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-12-02Updated:2016-12-13
Synonym: advanceappearcome onget alongget onprogressshape upSimilar words: alongall alongget alongleave alonealongsidealong withget along withaloneMeaning: v. 1. come into being or existence, or appear on the scene 2. develop in a positive way. 
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(1) You go now and I'll come along later.
(2) Your French has come along a lot recently.
(3) Come along! Don't give up yet!
(4) Come along, Osmond. No sense in your standing around.
(5) She invited everyone she knew to come along.
(6) A couple of friends had come along for the ride.
(7) Come along or we'll be late.
(8) Come along now, someone must know the answer.
(9) She always thinks some guy is going to come along and fix her life.
(10) Why don't you come along as well?
(11) He was beginning to regret that he'd come along.
(12) He's welcome to come along, provided that he behaves himself.
(13) Come along, Mother, we don't need to take up any more of Mr Kemp's time.
(14) Come along, someone must want to know my invention.
(15) All right, come along, if you must.
(16) Come along, my dear , take a seat.
(17) Come along - we don't want to be late!
(18) She wants to come along with us to the movie.
(19) We're going for a swim. Why don't you come along?
(20) Do you want me to come along and hold your hand?
(21) A bus should come along any minute now.
(22) Come along or we'll miss the train.
(23) Come along and join the ball game.
(24) Paul said he didn't want Sarah to come along because she cramps his style.
(25) Come along old girl, time for bed .
(26) There's a big press launch today and you're most welcome to come along.
(27) You wait half an hour for a bus, then three come along at once!
(28) I'm trying to rake up some people to play football on Saturday - do you want to come along?
(29) We're going to the pub. Do you want to come along?
(30) We're going into town - do you want to come along?
More similar words: alongall alongget alongleave alonealongsidealong withget along withalonedeal outlet alonelong.longcome atlong forprolongso long aslongtimeas long asany longerlifelonglong sinceno longerbelong tolong-termcome abouta good deal oflong beforebefore longby no meanscome across
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